After over 46 days of travel, being back at the ashram is a great feeling. When I look at the heaps of work waiting for me, I wonder if people here thought I had been on a month and a half of vacation. No, I am not complaining, but when you reach limits of your physical endurance, you don’t think straight.

Somewhat wet, but cool weather here. It’s just fabulous. The work at the Aadhi Yogi Alayam site is progressing at an insane pace, racing towards making it happen for December 23-24th Consecration. Our boys here are incredible when it comes to somehow meeting impossible deadlines. My heart bleeds to see many of them look quite worn out, but it is only in stretching beyond one’s limits that one will get to grow. This is true in the material and spiritual realms. The new Teerthakund is also taking shape, probably the only construction of its kind in the world today.

We’re in the process of entering into new areas of activity that will change the dimension of Isha’s footprint in India. So right now, life is a series of endless meetings and planning. We have a great team, but when we enter new dimensions of activity, it is always exciting and exhausting. You know I have decided not to die of boredom and sloth. Above all, what is being envisaged, when successfully executed, will impact the lives of millions of underprivileged people. For sure, all those who work for it will have a sense of fulfillment that cannot be expressed.

It is also an exciting time in terms of preparing for a once in a lifetime event of Mahabharat. The artist and the food menu look very rich, now only I have to match up. Wish there was more uninterrupted time to soak in the complexities of this fabulous epic.

India is not able to decide on either to welcome or reject Walmart. The question is, to shop or not to shop? No, I did not say pop…

Love and Blessings


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