The rugged mountain peak
Looks down upon me like
an ageless visage of frozen
Wisdom, cast in stone but ever changing
What immortal hand or eye could
mold these masterpieces of
Imperfections. For those who
have surrendered to the comforts
of plains, harshness of the mountain
scape is inhospitable at the
least. The terrifying prospects of
Mountain scape is for the ascetic kind
Divorced from the pleasures of life


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But once you are into the
Madness of the mountains
The lure that drew not just
Explorers and adventurists but
wisest of the sages and mystics

As being in the labyrinth of
Mountains and the consequent valleys
Is closest to being back into
The womb of life making source

Magic, Madness, Miracles all possible
In the Mountains

Love & Grace


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