Read in Telugu: సృష్టికి ఆధారభుతం – శివుడు…!!
Read in Tamil: சிவன் – இந்த பிரபஞ்சத்தின் மூலம்


In this genderless scape does play
All that is this and that
Him and her, you and me
Don’t miss the canvas
In the play of multiple hues

E veryone experiences life according to his or her individual sensitivities. Some people take great pleasure in food, others in the body, music, art, or some other expression of life. But in their very nature, external pleasures cannot be sustained. The only sustainable pleasure is that of the basis of all life. Unfortunately, very few people experience this fundamental dimension that we refer to as “Shiva.” The dimension of Shiva is the canvas on which everything in existence is painted. The play of life is nice as long as we know its limitations. If we invest our entire lives into the play, we will regret it one day. Some people are fortunate that their illusions are shattered early on in life. Others will only realize on their deathbed that they have wasted their lives.


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The dimension of Shiva is the canvas on which everything in existence is painted.

I want you to look at it before it is too late. Imagine you had only a few minutes left to live. If you look at what you have done from birth until now, has it all been worthwhile? If you are wise enough to look at it now, you can craft your life in a beautiful way. You will know not only the colors of life but that which is the basis of life. Otherwise, ninety-five percent of humanity has some inane thoughts in their minds, all the time. Education teaches you how to conduct yourself in front of other people. Spiritual process is about how to conduct yourself internally. This is about turning inward and knowing the deeper roots of life. The mind is useful if you know when to turn it on, and when to turn it off. If it is out of control – on all the time – it is madness. This is the state the majority of people are in.

The spiritual process is about obliterating all that you ever thought you are – even your gender. It is about being here just as a piece of life. Only human beings, who are supposed to be the pinnacle of evolution, have made such a mess out of themselves. They have been given a mind that they do not know how to handle. All that is happening is the endless psychological drama of their thoughts and emotions. The quality of your life is determined by how beautiful you are within yourself. No one can see this; no one needs to acknowledge this; no one needs to pay attention to this. But this is the most worthwhile thing.

In this context, chanting “Shiva Shambho” can do wonders to you. Do not expect Shiva to come. He will not interfere with your life. This is not a religious process. This is about using sound as a tool to clear the mental nonsense. If you chant “Shiva Shambho” effectively, new energy, boundless Grace, and intelligence will be available to you.

Love & Grace