People are asking me, “Sadhguru, why did you pick Linga Bhairavi, and not some other goddess?” We did not pick her – we crafted and gave birth to her so that she functions in a particular way. “Oh Sadhguru, you made her up – then she is not real!” There are many things we make, but they are still real. We plant a tree; does it mean it is not real? Your parents made you; you are real too. Even inanimate things – like a motorcycle – the engine is just metal, but when it comes to life, it can do things that you cannot do. That is why we make machines, because they can do things that you and I cannot.

Linga Bhairavi is a certain kind of yantra. A yantra means a machine. You are also a certain kind of machine, but Bhairavi has been tweaked up to be competent in a way that you cannot be in certain areas of life because she does not have the burden of a physical body. She does not have the burden of having to nourish herself. She is a certain kind of phenomenon. Every life is a certain kind of phenomenon. A tree is a certain kind of phenomenon – it is doing things all the time. The Velliangiri Mountains are largely inanimate, but they are doing too many fantastic things! The ocean is just water – but it is doing tremendous things.

Like this, there are many phenomena in nature – some crafted by nature, some crafted by human beings. Even if we craft something, it is not any different from the natural process, because we only do things within the laws of nature – there is nothing more, nothing less. In one person’s experience, gravity is bondage. For another person, it is a big possibility. Right now, if you want to fly without wings, an airplane or any other mechanism, your experience will be, “This damn gravity is holding me down!” But it is also holding the planet together. Whatever we do, we are still within the laws of nature, but the laws of nature are not bondage – they are a certain kind of game.

Everything in the existence, every physical form, is a question of geometry. Whether something functions smoothly or not essentially depends upon the perfection of geometry.

If you know how to play the game, you can do any number of things. That is why we start the Inner Engineering Program with rules. Only if you understand the rules and take them as your own can you do things. If you resist the rules, life will become miserable. Not just in a social context, but fundamentally and existentially. But if you are in tune with the rules, you can do magic. So, magic is just playing with the rules, not breaking them. It means learning to juggle the rules in a certain way.

So, Devi has her own form, her own geometric pattern and her own arithmetic. She also has her own sound. One thing we want to do is build a musical instrument that will play a sound that is appropriate for Linga Bhairavi. The mantras and chants that are played are in tune with her sound, but these mantras are more concerned with the geometry of who she is. We know what the sound is, and we tried with a bass, but it did not work. I have been discussing this with a few people, and they have suggested that we create the sound electronically, but I want a proper reverberation from a string. If we get the right sound, the whole experience of the Devi can be greatly enhanced.

Everything in the existence, every physical form, is a question of geometry. Whether something functions smoothly or not essentially depends upon the perfection of geometry. The whole system of hatha yoga is just this – to fix your geometry in such a way that this machine will function without any friction within itself. Only when there is no inner friction you are no longer an issue. But if just existing here is an issue, where is the question of scaling the peaks of consciousness? Such a thing will not occur to you. Only when everything is at ease can you take something on. When you are not an issue, you can attend to anything you want. Or, you can close your eyes and sit – both the choices are here.

Intense activity and stillness are the two faces of the same possibility.

Love & Grace


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