After Houston been a blitz of activity including Bhava Spandana, Sathsang in Atlanta and of course the Federal Aviation Authority certification that included cross country tests and a check ride. Well, now I can fly by myself without an instructor - at least in the USA. There are a few more hurdles to be crossed in India. There was also a meet for investing in consciousness, an opportunity for meditators to invest in businesses complementary to Isha's work. To create an opportunity to contribute and at the same time benefit. The world has reached a point where consciousness can no more be something that you entertain yourself with part-time. Millions of people have to strive full-time to make this happen as raising human consciousness is the missing link that has made us - that is, this generation of people - the most privileged in terms of comfort and convenience. At the same time, humanity seems to be at a crossroads like never before. Unconsciously, we as a generation have bitten into the planet like no other generation ever, to a point where future generations may have only leftovers of the planetary pie. We refer to her as Mother Earth but we have treated her as a commodity or a goody shop.

Here I am upon a perch looking down at Central Park in New York City, a rectangular patch of life surrounded by our fascination for concrete. Our ability to create comfort has not translated into wellbeing. This level of comfort has not worked to enable humanity to new possibilities but has crippled us to a generation with the weakest bodies ever. Body is not just flesh and bone but brain too, and an abode to a larger possibility. This body will not regain its natural strength on a treadmill or in the air conditioned gym. This body is an elemental soup, a piece of this planet, and only when in contact and communion with the elements and the earth will it know the full glory and the ecstasy of life.

We have everything in place for the first time. There is resource, there is technology and there is capability to address all issues upon the planet, only missing ingredient is an enhanced consciousness. One must know that boundaries are meaningful for physical entities or bodies. Unfortunately it has extended into human mindspace and crippled that miracle. It is only when touched by consciousness that humans will break boundaries and become truly inclusive. In this inclusiveness lies solution for all problems that torment the human creature. If you want to see a blissful humanity we need to invest.

Let's make it happen.

Love & Grace


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