24th Mar 2014, Hyderabad

P rofound nature of intelligence that is playing out in so-called ordinary situations is beyond incredible. The intelligence involved in the blossoming of a flower at the right season. Well, the argument will be that it is all programmed. This is the argument of those who do not pay enough attention to the life process either within or without.

There have been a string of donations of pug dogs to our home in the last few years, and hence we ended up with four pugs, one of them a geriatric. Among them, one who is just over a year old, a truly lively and mischievous kind, became pregnant. Three days ago she delivered three pups, the size of mid-sized rats. What is amazing is how this mischievous ball of activity transformed herself into a responsible mother in a matter of hours. Beyond the miracle of three new lives manifesting, her transformation is amazing, amazing.


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I would like to have watched every step of the growth and development of these pups and the mother for the next few weeks. Mmm, but here I am in Hyderabad on the way to the USA, hopping through Bengaluru and Mumbai. Busy schedules are the need of the world around. My idea of life is to wait, watch, include.

It is known in the tradition that human mother’s milk is different in composition depending on the gender of the child. That is, the mother’s milk is different for a male offspring and different for a female as per their requirement of physiological and psychological development. The tradition always demanded that when a woman delivers, her husband should always be present. That is very important for bonding both with the child and the mother, as her nature has changed so dramatically that you cannot see her as the same. Today, studies suggest that when a man smells the new born baby, his testosterone levels go down and a certain transformation happens from being a man to a father. Instinctively, when a man picks up a new born, there is a tendency to bring it towards his face. Smelling towards fatherhood.

The phenomenal intelligence in the making of every life and every aspect of creation is too incredible for any human mind to fully grasp. The very cosmos is a living mind. Intelligence is not within you or me. If we keep the door of perception fully open, all the intelligence of the creation and creator is ours. Otherwise, we live in the limitations of our sense perception that is fragmented and piecemeal.

May you blossom into cosmic proportions.

Love & Grace