W e are coming to the close of 2013. It is just around this time, twenty years ago in 1993, that I saw the peak of the Seventh Hill for the first time. It was in the following year in June that we had the ninety-day Wholeness Program. Those sixty-eight people who stayed for the first thirty days, and the remaining thirty-nine who stayed for three months, in many ways, have been the foundation of Isha as you see it today. Quite a few of them are here innocuously, without claiming credit for anything, because that is the culture that we set forth from day one.  Many continue to do whatever is given to them without question. This twentieth year that is coming up, twenty years of the Isha Yoga Center, needs to be celebrated.

I am not just greedy, I am lustful for life. I use the word “lustful” because love gets put off if the other person does not cooperate. Lust is independent of other people; it is simply on.

For the last twenty years, though, we have been continuously nose down into what we are doing. Not enough attention has been paid to what is happening around us. Every day there is some event somewhere. Everything is expanding and things are always happening bigger than the way we can do it – it is like we are in crisis mode all the time. You do not know what it takes to live like that every day. If we have ten rupees, we are doing one hundred rupees work, always. If we have ten people, we are doing twenty-five people’s work.


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Just the day before yesterday, somebody was telling me, “Sadhguru, you are greedy for life.” I am not just greedy, I am lustful for life. I use the word “lustful” because love gets put off if the other person does not cooperate. Lust is independent of other people; it is simply on. I use the words “lustful for life” because in terms of what needs to be done with humanity, whatever we can do in a lifetime is definitely going to be inadequate. If we live for one hundred years and every day we are on, it is still going to be inadequate. The only way is to inspire the next generation to carry this on in a much bigger way.

The people who were here twenty years ago carried concrete for the Triangle Block. They carried bricks for the Dhyanalinga. They have a certain sense of involvement and fulfillment that they were a part of it. But for many of you who were not here then, we want to offer this opportunity to you. Now that we are approaching twenty years, we want to use the next six months not to do something new, but to reorganize what we have done until now because we have never had the time to turn back and look. There are many things which have been on our mind as to how things should be. I want all of you to participate in reorganizing the place and in knowing the joy of creating something that millions of people will appreciate and enjoy for a long time to come.

We will be going through a certain process of restructuring the way we do things –the physical infrastructure and the human infrastructure. We have done well, but we know we are capable of doing much better. With the kind of commitment, dedication, and devotion that people are carrying in their hearts, we must do way better than what we are doing right now. I do not want the beauty of individual hearts to go to waste doing inappropriate activity. When I say “inappropriate” – I mean that if we are not doing the best we can do, if we are not producing the best we can produce, I think it is inappropriate. It is a waste of human life. Things have happened with great intensity, love, and devotion. I want the place to reflect that. What is happening in individual human hearts should reflect in this very place. Anybody who walks in must feel that.

I want every one of you to be a part of making this happen, because there is a certain joy in creating something far bigger than yourself – a fulfillment that most human beings will not know in their lives. Most human beings spend their lives just earning a living. But to create a tool, to create a space which will touch and transform millions of lives in the future…I want you to know the joy of creating and making this happen. Please, all of you participate and see how you can be a part of it, and know the joy of creating something that will live beyond you and me.

For those of you who do not physically live here, allow your life to be overwhelmed with Grace. For this to happen, you must let yourself ooze with love and devotion. Let the Sweetness of your being touch the world around you. Come and be here whenever you can.

I am in you.

Love & Grace