A  nation is not a reality. It is only an idea. Rather than dividing people on the basis of race, color, caste, creed or religion, it is dividing people on the basis of nationhood. This strong sense of very clearly demarcated nations only truly exists in the last hundred years.  Before that, nationhood was not such a strong idea. There were many people on the planet that did not belong to any nation. Not anymore. You must belong to some nation. Otherwise, you must be an alien.

Today, there is no way any human being can exist on this planet without belonging to a particular nation because you need a passport, you need an ID. You are not allowed to be a nobody – you have to be something which belongs to something else. It is not such a great idea, but for now, to take the large masses of people on this planet ahead in some way, a nation becomes an important idea. Without this idea, many people would be left out of everything. In this context, India becoming a republic is an important day in the life of this nation, and in the life of the people of this nation.


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Many people may not want to live in India, but they would like to come back and die in India! There are sacred places where they believe that if they die, they will find their liberation. It has become a farcical thing today, but there is a certain realistic basis to it. Why is it that people think that a particular land is a better possibility than the other? This is so for every aspect of life. If you want to study, you go to Australia, the UK or the United States.

Certain spaces were created for certain possibilities. Education means you want to go to one place. If you want to learn classical music, you go to Chennai and so on. Similarly, for liberation, people have been coming to this land for thousands of years because the technologies of inner possibilities were so hugely explored and manifested, and machines like Dhyanalinga were built. It is a tower of light. If you want to access something and you can do it by yourself, fantastic. But how many can do it without a certain tool or external help?

Because of this, going to the right place for the right things becomes a relevant process. India has always been a spiritual gateway. In that context, maintaining the fundamental ethos of this nation becomes very important, and we as a nation become very important for the rest of the world. If you revive the knowledge base that exists in this country even today, you can run the whole nation on just this because even the most rudimentary things about the inner nature of the human being are confounding people around the world. Here, these explorations have happened for thousands of years. Our R&D has been a phenomenal investment of human beings. People dedicated whole lifetimes, for generations and generations, just to know what the nature of this one is. If we bring this back, the whole world will want to come to India for their inner well-being.

Love & Grace