E very time I travel, I am on an intense, tightly packed schedule. But when I come back to the ashram, I always wonder why I ever leave this place. This is what it means to live in a consecrated space. To illustrate what consecration does to a human being – potted plants, however well-nourished they may be, are confined, and it shows in the way they are. If you take them out of the pot and put them in rich soil, they will be wildly ecstatic. I have seen this many times with great joy. Something happens to the plants that seems to entirely change their way of being. They are no more protected and watered as they were earlier, but just finding the right soil and the freedom to stretch out and grow changes everything. Similarly, as a human being, you need certain kinds of atmospheres for your physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. But for inner growth, you need a different kind of atmosphere.

Setting up a grid of energy forms will impact the entire area in a big way.

Even if you arrive at an outer situation that is conducive for all aspects of life, to really live beautifully, the fundamental being that you are has to mature. You can conduct every aspect of life, from eating to relationships and anything else, either in an ugly and unaesthetic way or in a beautiful and aesthetic way. This does not depend on your effort to display good behavior but on how mature you are as a being. The first and foremost thing that you should focus on is taking yourself to a certain level of maturity and balance. Consequently, everything you do will be naturally graceful and wonderful, without effort or pretense.

When we look at consecrating the world, there are fundamentally three ways. One way is to create two monumental energy forms – one for the Northern Hemisphere, another for the Southern Hemisphere – that would have the power to cover the Earth to a large extent. To illustrate how this could work – let’s say a lightning conductor has a range of fifteen degrees. If you set it up at a low height, it will only cover a small area. If lightning happens outside of that radius, it will anyway strike. If you want it to cover a larger area at the same angle, you have to raise the tower to a greater height. Similarly, if you want an energy form to cover a large part of the Earth, you have to create a very monumental structure, which I think they would not let us do in today’s world. Apart from that, creating it would involve too much investment and involvement of governments or very large corporates, to say the least.


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The Shambhavi Mahamudra that we offer is not just a practice – it is a consecration.

Another way of consecrating the world is to create a grid of powerful energy forms, which is the way it was done in many parts of India. Then, due to external forces, this was dismissed as idolatry for some time. Only very recently, people are beginning to notice that in the entire subcontinent, many important energy centers were established with great geometric precision in the ancient past. If you look at the latitude and the longitude of their locations, they were set up in exact alignment. This was done by different yogis in different locations at different times, but since they understood the dynamics of how it works, the entities they consecrated turned out to be perfectly aligned. Setting up a grid of energy forms will impact the entire area in a big way.

Yet another way is to consecrate people, which, as such, is the easiest process. The only problem with people is they are not as reliable as rocks. The biggest issue with human beings is they do not know how to handle this recent happening called cerebral development. Like they cannot take their hands off their new cellphone, in the evolutionary scheme of things, their cerebral development is relatively new. They do not know how to handle their thoughts and emotions. Because people have not yet come to terms with their own intellect, they are not able to be steady. The Shambhavi Mahamudra that we offer is not just a practice – it is a consecration. If you stay with it, things will happen without your doing.

It is important that we make every home, every village, and every city in the world a spectacular place for human growth.

Since time is limited in our lives, I am doing both – consecrating energy forms and people. But in today’s world, the best possibility is consecrating more and more people. We need to create enough critical mass for people around the world to see that to be in a state of consecration is the highest way to be. Not drinking, sexuality, or some other pleasure – everyone should realize that turning inward is the Greatest Joy. If we create such an ecosystem and atmosphere, people will start to see other distractions as a regressive step. Human aspiration is always to get better. Spiritual process means being in search of truth, aspiring to know the highest dimension of life. This is yet to become mainstream. Right now, it is still a fringe element. If you stay on the fringe for a longer period of time, others may make fun of you, and unless you have the endurance to stay there anyway, you will want to go back to the mainstream.

Many people tell me, “Sadhguru, This Is Fantastic. But when I go back to real life…” I say, “What? Is this not real? Am I not real?” They think what is happening in the bar, at work, or at home is real life. All these are just arrangements. The source of life is within you and Is Real. Reality is only one – truth is only one. Lies are millions. You can generate a million lies, but there is only one truth. It is important that we make every home, every village, and every city in the world a spectacular place for human growth. Today, the world’s idea of “spectacular” is something like Vegas. There is nothing spectacular about neon lights bright enough to blind you or about succumbing to every compulsion that you have. When you rise above compulsions and become truly conscious, you will be a spectacular human being. When you go beyond the compulsive, cyclical nature of existence, life becomes spectacular.

What should we do to create the necessary atmosphere? One thing is consecrating homes, and if possible cities. When are we going to consecrate the entire Earth? I’m not the kind of person who indulges in pipe dreams. It can be done to some extent. Wherever possible, we consecrate physical entities. The important thing is to consecrate people. They can change the atmosphere. If you become the kind of human being who exudes the exuberance and equanimity of life, the world will slowly become like that. There is only one problem on the planet – a whole lot of nasty human beings. Everything else here is fantastic. If large numbers of humans are consecrated, it will change the world. Right now, this is what we are trying to do, primarily with our Inner Engineering programs. The foremost thing is to make individual human beings into living temples. If that happens, change will happen in the world. Every generation has to work for making their time spectacular. There is no one-time fix that will last forever. This is our time – it is up to us to make it spectacular. Let’s make this happen.

Love & Grace