The first Samyama program in North America went off in a fabulous manner. This ten-day marathon meditation concluded in a glorious way - the most fortunate aspect was that, incidentally, the Samyama main initiation took place on Buddha Pournima, or the full moon night on which Gautama the Buddha attained to the final state of enlightenment. On this sacred day, the pale orange-colored full moon rose upon the horizon and all the participants were gazing at the phenomenon, enwrapped in meditative attention…it was indescribable. And the tradition of for sure having an unpredicted downpour on the fifth day of Samyama continues to hold even here.

American meditators displayed exemplary discipline and focus. It’s been truly wonderful seeing people sitting absolutely still. Doing what needs to be done. Now all the needed equipment to become a true yogi is in their hands if they allow themselves. Not someone who does yoga. Someone who is becoming a yogi. All the needed ingredients and equipment are with them. It’s only a question of using it, applying it. There is a huge difference between not having and having, but there is a much bigger difference between having and doing.

In a day’s time, I will be traveling to India to receive the Indira Gandhi Award for ecological work on behalf of Project GreenHands. The people of Tamil Nadu deserve this award for the enthusiasm and commitment they have displayed in making a difference. They can be an inspiration for all to do whatever one can do for the planet.

Love and Blessings


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