Just could not stay away from all of you, so decided to create this spot. This is an effort to keep you informed and current with the few happenings around me. After Inner Engineering Intensive in LA and a wonderful drive to San Francisco for a hectic round of meetings, well, I am sort of resolved about not taking flights within the USA unless it is more than 16 hours drive or am very pressed for time. Just tired of ‘take your shoes off’, etc. This ‘take your shoes off’ started after the attempted shoe bomb. Did you hear of the undie bomb on a flight that was coming into Detroit? That’s it… I anyway like driving and above all, it's always a joy for me to watch different types of terrain and people. So driving is not a punishment but a joy.

This week at iii (Isha Institute of Inner-sciences) and the Bhava Spandana blow-out have all been very moving. A lot of activity in iii in preparation for Anaadhi. Here a sturdy band of American seekers are preparing for a time of their life. Very touching to see the dedication and love with which everything here is happening.

Love and Blessings


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