Here I am at the Acropolis in Athens for a three-day engagement. The city of goddess Athena, the one who fed herself upon the cerebral mush to become a representation of wisdom. The place is wrapped in a rich aroma of the gyro, the sweetness of the famous baklava, and you can never miss the divine smell of the ancient gods and goddesses long-relegated to monumental stillness, but refusing to be silenced of their ancient verve and vibrance. The ruins of Parthenon are a statement of the priorities of the ancients - that wisdom was accorded the highest ground in Athens. The dogmatic hoards rampaged through Athens and pulled down great Parthenon to herald the era of the victory of brute dogma over the subtleties of the past.

And we’re just a day away from the first anniversary of Linga Bhairavi consecration day. The sacred full moon, the first one in the Uttarayan (the northern run of the sun) and the period of spiritual fulfillment and of earthly harvest too. The day many great sages chose to dissolve and liberate from their mortal cycle. The day that has been of personal loss of an exuberant, loving wife; the day of a beginning of a saga of spiritual lavish and the arrival of a fierce, complex and benevolent goddess. Just one year since her arrival - but the residents and visitors of the yoga centre can no more imagine how they could have existed without her presence and radiance. And she has started spreading her fiefdom across the world in various forms of yantras and temples. There are at least four full-fledged temples larger than her native abode coming up and various others in smaller dimensions across the world. She is going places for sure.

Here I am in the city of goddess Athena on the first anniversary of the birth of Linga Bhairavi, does that say something…

May her grace be upon you.

Love & Grace


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