Curiosity landed upon Mars and been tweeting for the last week. The last bastion of male dominance gone? No. Don't you worry, we will get Venus too.

Human ignorance empowered by technology, this is the most potent weapon that could destroy life before its time. As we know, the cutting edge technologies always go for military use first. World War I and II were the most gruesome display of the technologies of the day. Since then, too much technological progress has happened and of course in many ways it has altered our lives in most wonderful ways, but also looming large is the Damocles sword.

This century -- 21st in English calendar -- smells of death. Nearly a million people have been killed in conflict since the year 2000. Started with the madness of terror attack and following with a series of wars. Now the wars are being labeled as 'spring'.

Spring or 'Basanth' or 'Vasantham' always suggested life at its best. Love, gaiety, celebration, these and more, is what spring has always represented for all peoples of the world. Now spring means deceit, blood, death, and grief, all misrepresented as revolution, sacrifice and martyrdom.

Technology can kill and poison the world, unless in the hands of Conscious compassion. Only when our uppermost value is life can we trust technology to bring wellbeing.

On this day, which is the Independence Day for India, the most Unique nation upon the earth -- believe me this is not nationalism but close observation of cultural foundations of Nations.


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We must know that without striving for raising human consciousness that is naturally inclusive, the boon of technology could turn into our doom.

When I first heard the tweets from 'Curiosity', a week ago, I penned these two poems and bear with me.



Empty Sky is potent
but shy. Limitless possibility
held in a deceptive haze
Is this Divine ploy
Or Nature acting coy

Open in every way
Nowhere to go and no way
Bondage wrapped in freedom
Everything floating in nothing
Nothing in everything
Absolute chaos but order
most perfect. Would you
think you could know all
this, with mere curiosity

Vain Conquest

Our interest in Mars or Venus
is not of Curiosity or Love
but of senseless Greed and Conquest
It is not about Venus or Mars
but of endless need for more and more
This borderless Ignorance
cannot be satiated with more
The nature of who you are
Needs all and not more
All is yours as it is
If you include and embrace
This you will not know either
by Curiosity or Conquest

Love and Blessings

(9th August 2012, Kuala Lumpur, 1030am, tarmac)
(9th August 2012, an hour from Melbourne)