Devotion has found so many forms of expression - from subtle and gentle, to fierce and extreme. Devotion essentially means you are making an effort not to have a will of your own, so that you arrive at the doorstep of the Creator absolutely willingly. You are making an effort to allow the dimension of energy that is the basis of your making within you to find its ultimate possibility.

Akka Mahadevi was a very beautiful woman, so the king married her. But in her mind, in her consciousness, she was already married to Shiva. After a few years of frustration, the king became so exasperated that he brought her to court and accused her of adultery. Then Mahadevi said, “You fool! I am not your wife. You think so because of a social event, but that is not so. Everything in me is already given.” The king lost his cool and said, “Everything that you have is mine. The jewels that you wear, the clothes, so what are you talking about your life being somebody else’s!” So she threw down all her jewels and clothes in the court and from that day onward, she refused to wear clothing and walked naked. Naked - not only of clothing - but naked of ego, naked of shame, naked even of herself. And she produced the most fabulous poetry that you can think of; her devotion and her love found expression in such fierce ways.

Here at iii, we are in the final weeks of Anaadhi. The devotion and focus that the participants have displayed in all that they do is remarkable, and for some participants, their devotion has found expression in poetry.

Devotion is that which is devoid of you.

The flies of Mahima love to play
On my toes and my nose they frolic all day
I used to try to swat them away
Now I bow down and hope they will stay


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He came this morning –
silently in
silently out

You could have missed him
if you were not aware

But when he left
he was still there

Like a midnight cowboy
he works tirelessly through the night
so that I awake from my slumber
all shiny and new

He’s my lullaby in the evening
and my alarm bell at dawn

He’s a demolition crew of one
that blows my creation strewn
and for that I greet each day
with a whole lot of gratitude

In Devotion.