On the yogic path, God is not seen as the source of life, but as its ultimate flowering. How to achieve this flowering? Sadhguru explains that the whole science of yoga is a process of good gardening.

Sadhguru: The yogic symbolism of the ultimate is a flower because on the path of yoga, God is seen as an ultimate flowering, not as the creator, the source or the seed of life. Yoga is not interested in where you came from. It is only interested in where you are going to go. But we cannot approach what is yet to be without what is. We are trying to make a space for ourselves in what is. Otherwise our interest is not in what is or what has been. Our interest is in what is yet to be.

Nurturing The Seed

We look at life in such a way that what everyone refers to as the Father, we don’t see it as a father. That means we are forsaking our pedigree. We are looking at God as something that you can be pregnant with. If you nurture it, it will be delivered unto you. If you do not nurture it, you will remain with just the seed forever.


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The whole science of yoga, the whole process that we are referring to as spirituality is just a question of good gardening – nurturing the seed so that it will become a flower.

That is why the yogis decided to put you upside down! In uncomfortable positions you may see truth much better than in comfortable positions. Yoga is a technology for inner transformation on all levels, but one thing to remember is that doing a certain practice – though it has its innate qualities which can lead to transformation – is not everything. How you do it is very important.

If a method has to genuinely become a method, first and foremost, you should make up your mind that you are going to make use of it. Only then can it function as a method. It is always best to start a spiritual process with an unconditional commitment for a certain period of time – just simply do the practice for six months. No benefit needs to happen to you. Simply do it. After that, evaluate your life and see how peaceful, joyous and calm you are. What is it doing with you?

The Light Within

There was a Spanish painter, El Greco. On a fine spring morning, he was sitting with all his windows shut up. His friend walked in and said, “Why are you sitting with all these windows shut up? Let’s go out. Come. It’s a wonderful day outside, at least open the windows.” He said, “I don’t want to open the windows because the light within is shining, I don’t want it to be disturbed by the outside light.”

So, for the seed to be nurtured into a flower, do we have to switch on the light? No, the light is on. It is just that you have covered it with so much muck that it is not finding its way out. Once this light begins to shine from within, the rest is a natural process. We can do that very easily. We have the necessary inner technology to make it happen very quickly, so we do not even have to go through the natural process because that may take time. Like they have genetic engineering, we have Inner Engineering! A coconut tree which would yield in eight years’ time yields in one and a half years – genetic engineering. The same with Inner Engineering – those who would otherwise make it in ten lifetimes, they can make it in one lifetime!

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