Why bother falling in love with just one person when you could have love affairs with the whole existence? Let’s take a look at what is romance and what being a true romantic means.

Sadhguru: Unfortunately, people have brought romance down to only a young male and female. Why just the neighborhood girl? The neighborhood girl has become magnified in your eyes because your intelligence has been hijacked by your hormones. If it wasn’t, the whole universe and every piece of creation is worth involvement, isn't it? That’s what is romance. It is a very deep involvement.

What is romance – A deeper look


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The whole problem of constantly seeing people for their gender is something that has to go from the world.

Right now in this world, it has become like this: if you utter the word “relationship” it has to be man-woman. They may not always be man-woman, but even if it is otherwise, people play the roles of man-woman. So essentially, what you call a relationship nowadays is just the involvement of two bodies.

But just a few decades ago, if you said, "I have a relationship," it meant much more. People had relationships with their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends… but today we have reduced our social discourse to such a level that if we say “relationship,” it must be a hormone-fired relationship.

The whole problem of constantly seeing people for their gender is something that has to go from the world. Why can't you just look at human beings as they are? Why is it that you have to say “This is a woman, this is a man?” That is only needed for one type of relationship. There is no need to recognize and identify people for their body parts every moment in your life. If you must identify them by body parts, at least let's choose the brain, not the reproductive organs.

A million love affairs

It’s quite common to find people today going about saying, “Love is the core of the universe.” Love is not the core of the universe. Believe me, love is just a human emotion. It’s a human need that two human beings can fulfill for each other. It is a certain sweetness of your emotion that you call as love. Unfortunately, most human beings are able to give that sweetness of emotion only to one person who will provide some physical satisfaction for them. Otherwise they cannot open up. It is time we understand that we can have very profound relationships without having anything to do with the physical body.

I am deeply involved, engaged and have love affairs with millions of people. I don't know whether they reciprocate or not. I don't know whether they like me or not, but I have a fabulous love affair with just about everyone that I see and cannot see, because for me, love is not about them. Love is about how I am within myself.