Q: There is a saying that the tree that bears the fruits will be stoned...

Sadhguru: Oh, I know that better than anyone! They will keep throwing stones. If somebody has to take a stone and throw it at you, it takes lot of effort. They are throwing it at you because you are of some value. You are a valuable target! Who would throw a stone at someone who is not worth anything? Unknowingly, unconsciously, people know the fruit is valuable. So we have been stoned quite a bit. But over the years, many of those people have turned around. They are standing under the tree waiting for the fruit to fall into their mouth. That is always how it is.


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It is alright if people throw stones at you. Bearing fruit is more significant than being stoned.

Just because somebody is going to throw stones at us, should we remain without fruit in our life? That would be a tragedy. It is alright if people throw stones at you. Bearing fruit is more significant than being stoned. Bearing the fruit is what makes your life significant and worthwhile. Stones or no stones, what does it matter? They will only throw stones at you, but they will never cut you down because they want the fruit. Anybody who has known the value of the fruit, who has tasted its sweetness, they throw stones at you but they never think of cutting you down. If you had no fruit, most probably they would cut you down and make furniture out of you! So, it is better that they throw stones and eat the fruit.

Please see that when there is fruit and flower, it is not just stones that come your way. The bees will come, the birds will come, the animals will come and people will come. Once you have borne fruit, what is the use if nobody tastes your fruit? Let us say there is a mango tree. Little children came and they were looking for stones. When they looked for stones, if they found a lot of mangoes on the ground, they would pick them up and eat them. If their stomachs became full, they would not throw stones. Before they throw stones, if you start dropping your fruit willingly, stones can be minimized because everybody is waiting for the fruit.

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