Sadhguru: The first The first International Day of Yoga happened in a wonderful way through the efforts of so many of you, happened in a wonderful way through the efforts of so many of you. The volume and the quality of work all of you have established has set a new standard. You have brought Isha's unique benchmark quality to the world at large. The immense effort and love that has gone into this is closest to my heart.

35,600 teachers in 100,000 locations around the world - even on board flights - conducted Upa-Yoga classes for hundreds of thousands of people. Through your support, 25,000 people attended the Chennai program on June 21st.

Meanwhile, ashram volunteers worked day and night to create an online buzz. Isha's social media campaign touched at least 12 million people, the Namaskar video went viral with over 2.5 million views and the "Yoga Tools" mobile app has made the Upa-Yoga practices easily available to many more.

We also need to acknowledge the Government of India and the media who have played a huge role in creating awareness about this day. 192 countries celebrated the occasion and India made a double Guinness Record in Rajpath, with over 35,000 people of 84 nationalities doing yoga at a single event.

We have a lot to be proud of, but our work is not over until all the 7.2 billion people on the planet get a taste of yoga. Let us use this International Day of Yoga as a springboard to make this into a Yoga year. We have now entered Dakshinayana, the sadhana pada. Before the coming of the winter solstice, make it your sadhana to use the tools offered in the form of Upa-Yoga, and ensure at least 100 more people from your end are practicing them for their wellbeing. You have the privilege of being an active participant in raising human consciousness. May you know the joy of being a part of this.

Love & Blessings


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