Sadhguru delves into the significance of the last 3 days of Navratri, associated with Saraswati, embodied by the Moon or the Sattvic qualities in nature. He also explains about the importance of the Saraswati Pooja and Ayudha Pooja, which happens on Vijayadashami, the last day of Dasshera. For the first time, a very special Vidhyarambam will be happening on this day at the Linga Bhairavi temple. 

Accompanying the talk are highlights of the last three days of festivities, sacred rituals and cultural performances at the Linga Bhairavi temple.

Sadhguru: The Dussehra or the Navratri is from darkness to light journey. The last day is the victorious day when truth won, not because you fought, because you became aware. On the way you met so many people, you met Lakshmi, you met Saraswati, you met this-that, but above all you became reverential towards the very instruments that you employ.

The basic instrument in your life is your own body and your own mind. You became reverential to every tool that you employ – the Ayudha Pooja is the most significant aspect of the ten days. People have turned it as if it is about worshipping implements – yes, there is a certain aspect. People are thinking it’s about worshipping. The kings are thinking it’s about worshipping their swords and guns and whatever. A farmer thinks it’s about worshipping his plough, but the most fundamental instrument is your body and your mind - to become reverential towards your own body and to your own mind.

If you have to become reverential towards something, naturally reverence comes with a certain distance. When you become reverential, something rises up there and you are here. If you become reverential towards your own body and mind, you will establish a clear distance between what is you and what is your body, what is you and what is your mind, and once you do that, the next day is victory – Vijayadashami.


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