Sadhguru : People have come to the conclusion that the body means pain. Body is not pain, body can be very beautiful. You can make your body in such a way that you do not have to carry it around, you can let it just float with you. Just with the right food, practices and a little change in attitude, you will see this body becomes a miracle. If you look at this body as a mechanism, it is definitely the most sophisticated mechanism on this planet right now. All the supercomputers in the world cannot match this. They say a single molecule of DNA can perform more functions than the most complex computers. A single molecule of DNA contains that many functions. So, this is definitely the best machine.


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Just with the right food, practices and a little change in attitude, you will see this body becomes a miracle.

This is the first gift that was given to you. Whoever is your creator, he gave you this wonderful body. The first gift that is given to you is a physical one, and then if he sees you are abusing it so badly, if you do not know how to take care of it, he knows it is not worth showering more gifts upon you. So it is very important that the body is kept in a comfortable and joyous state. If the body is joyous, it will encourage you to go further.

You don’t have to become a great athlete or something, but you can keep the body well, healthy, comfortable and happy. Keeping the body happy is very important. Otherwise, wherever you want to go, it will pull you down very easily. The physical body itself can be happy, in the sense after a bout of rain, if you go out and see, all the plants seem to be happy. Not just washed and clean, if you are sensitive you can see they are exuding happiness. 

Particularly the body can be happy if it is kept properly. If you eat certain foods, the body will become happy. If you eat certain other foods, the body will become dull and lethargic, and your sleep quota will increase. If we are sleeping eight hours a day, if we live for sixty years, twenty years of our lives we have slept – that is one-third of our lives have been spent sleeping. The remaining thirty to forty percent goes in eating, toilet and the other ablutions, so what is left for life? There is really no time left.


Nobody can enjoy his sleep. In sleep, you don’t exist. The only thing that you can enjoy is restfulness. The body is well rested – that is what you enjoy. How to keep the body well rested? First of all, why tire it? For most people, tiresomeness does not come to the body because of work. Food is one important aspect, attitudes are also there, but food plays an important role. If you eat the wrong kind of food, you have to drag your body and go. If you eat the right type of food, it goes ahead of you, and that is how it should be kept. 

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