Question: Namaskaram Sadhguru. We were fortunate enough to receive a Devi Yantra from you last year. She has completely transformed our home, and she is actually transforming lives in our neighborhood too. There are people who, whether they have to deal with family situations or a divorce or health issues, will come and sit in the Devi room. I am just stunned to see her grace. She has revved it up quite a bit for me, but I am still wondering, how to earn more of her grace?

Sadhguru: The processes that have been taught to you work best if you make Devi your priority. This is not just so with Devi, this is so with anything subjective. Even for a love affair to work, it is a question of priorities. If you regard something or someone as far more important than yourself, that dimension becomes beautiful for you. But if you do that with people, we do not know how mature the other person is. A man who looks at a tree and thinks this is wood may look at a woman and think this is sex, nothing more. The basic consciousness has been trained in such a way that if you see something, you think of how useful it could be to you, in the sense, "What is the takeaway for me?"

A Devi yantra is a powerful energy form that has no intention of its own. You are also an energy form, but you are not able to maintain a particular level of consciousness because the compulsions of your thoughts, your emotions, and your body will rule and contaminate your consciousness. You have seen this with human beings: one moment, they are so wonderful, next moment, they are shockingly horrible.

So we create a powerful form that has no concern about itself and no compulsiveness because this is a pure energy form. The physical form of mercury, copper, and stone is only a scaffolding to hold up the energy form. A yantra is a kind of machine. The Devi machine and the Detroit machines , both of them will take you places. The fundamental difference between an external machine and such an energy form is, the Devi yantra is a perpetual machine that does not need any real maintenance. You just need to create a certain atmosphere because Devi does not want to stay in an uncared-for space.

The Devi yantras are extensions of the mularupa, which means the original energy form, of Linga Bhairavi . You can create millions of such yantras across the planet. All of them will be alive as long as the original energy form is kept up in full vibrance. You must hold Devi as the highest entity in your home. If your home catches fire, the first thought on your mind should be how to save Devi. It is not a question of what you do, it is a question of what your priorities are. If Devi is a top priority for you, your receptivity will increase. If you think, "This is just some stone Sadhguru has given. Let's see what I will get out of it," at the most, your health will improve. If you become very healthy but you are otherwise a miserable human being, it is a disaster.

Two New York philosophers met in a bar. They started discussing the difference between a misfortune and a disaster. One of them said, "Right now, we are about to have dinner. Suppose the cook dies, you cannot call it a disaster. It is a misfortune not that he died, but that we cannot have our dinner. See, this is a takeaway world. But let us say all the congressmen of the United States were on a Caribbean cruise and the cruise ship sinks, that is a disaster, but by no stretch is it a misfortune." This is not my opinion.

You just have to set your priorities straight. You go to a temple, church, or mosque because you believe that by going there, your life will be enhanced. In India, there are various ways to relate to God. You can relate to God as your father; you can relate to God as your mother; you can see God as your husband; you can see God as your lover; you can see God as your child; you can be a servant to God, or you can treat God as your servant, as the whole world does. There are specific practices and ways to be, depending on your choice of relating.

You can relate to Devi whichever way you want, but the important thing is, if you hold her as the highest priority in your home, she will function in a tremendous way. If you think, She is a tool. Let me leverage it for my benefit, she still works, but in a mediocre way. If you see her as the highest priority, if you see her as higher than yourself, the kinds of things that will happen will be too phenomenal. Logical minds can never, ever decipher how this works.

To the extent that you intensely relate to this simple, yet very powerfully reverberating form, to that extent it functions. If you relate to it, it becomes the most fabulous thing. To relate means you have become willing. This goes for everything in life, what is horrendous and what is fantastic is just a question of whether you go through it willingly or unwillingly. If you become willing towards something, it becomes a phenomenon.


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