Q: Could you please share with us how you know how to energize things and consecrate spaces? Were you born with this capability or is this something that you have learnt over time? Could I learn this too?

Sadhguru: What we are teaching you in our programs is a methodology with which you can slowly consecrate yourself. If you do not consecrate yourself first, how can you consecrate something else? Whatever you wish to do in life, you cannot do anything that you are not. You can try to fake it, but it will not work. If you want to be able to transmit a certain quality to something or someone, first you must make it happen for yourself. What is not happening within you, you cannot make it happen in the world. In this culture, people who are doing sadhana were always told to withdraw if they were in a state of turmoil, because you should not let your mess spill to the world.


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First of all, I want you to be consecrated. In a way, consecrating forms or spaces is not the ideal thing to do. Consecrating people would be easier and better – if only ninety-eight percent of human beings did not shift their priorities every few minutes. Those who are continuously making U-turns obviously have no intention to go anywhere. Now that you are here in this space of the Isha Yoga Center, unknowingly, Adiyogi will seep into you. Today you are talking about consecrating spaces. Let me see if you maintain this intention long-term. If you want to consecrate anything, first you must become a living temple.

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