What Can We Do During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Sadhguru: We are living in challenging times. As a generation of people, we have never seen a situation like this. Depending upon how long it lasts, this could threaten the very way we exist, and many aspects of our life may never be the same again if we do not handle this responsibly right now. If we conduct this very responsibly and sensibly, then this could pass off as a minor aberration in our generation; otherwise this could become a major calamity. Because human beings are the main carriers right now, it is in our hands to either stop the virus or spread it all over the place.

At a time like this, the most fundamental responsibility is that you do not get infected. If it so happens that you do get infected, you must ensure that you do not give it to anyone. It must stop with you. If we do this much, we will really contain this. Right now, it is contained to some extent with these lockdowns and a total curtailing of our lives, but we have not conquered the virus. It is still out there and it can do severe damage if you slacken up. Please stay healthy and maintain social distancing.

What Isha Foundation Is Doing

The medical fraternity, police and various other forces are on the frontlines trying to enforce social distancing and serving the people in the hospitals. We are offering Inner Engineering Online free for all those personnel. This will mean an enormous cost for the Isha Foundation, and how long we will be able to withstand that is also questionable. We are offering this till 31 May. Also the Inner Engineering Online program will be offered at half the cost all over the world for everyone else, because everyone's economic condition has dwindled in many ways, or at least they are looking at that possibility in the near future.

When people hold other people's wellbeing above their own life, I think they become worship-worthy.

I want Isha volunteers to take this commitment that you will offer Inner Engineering Online to at least one doctor, one nurse or one police officer that you can reach. You need not know them; you can just call them, introduce yourself and say what kind of difference it has made for you, this is the reason why you are offering it, and that it is free of cost. At the same time, at least enroll two other people in this month for the program at half the cost, so that the foundation will be able to do this process without difficulty. Because right now, many of our volunteers are active in rural Tamil Nadu doing a lot of work in the villages, and the number of people who are moving towards starvation is unfortunately increasing. This financial burden is on us. 

When people hold other people's wellbeing above their own life, I think they become worship-worthy. This is our offering for the medical workers, police, and others who are exposing themselves every day to this infection. 

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Inner Engineering Online – A Tool for Psychological and Emotional Wellbeing

We have found many people who got infected and recovered almost a month ago whose respiratory system has still not come back to normal. Many doctors fear that for people who go into a certain level of infection, their respiratory action becomes affected. If a certain amount of fibrosis happens, it is possible that their breath will not come back to normal in their life.

So right now there is an invisible external enemy that we do not know how to deal with, but at least we should know how to deal with ourselves. Our own thought and emotion should not become an impediment and a challenge. Every one of us must strive to see how we can be a part of the solution. The most important part of the solution is that individual human beings are equipped to stand up and handle their lives with balance and sense, as well as exuberance and joyfulness. Inner Engineering Online can be a great tool for this and it must be offered to as many people as possible. The more people we offer this to, the better it is for the world because bringing a certain sense of mental balance and emotional stability at this time is most vital. 

How Will Inner Engineering Online Work Without Shambhavi Mahamudra?

The Inner Engineering Online program is designed to settle the psychological and emotional dimension of who you are. The practice (Shambhavi Mahamudra) handles the energetic and the chemical part of a human being. We cannot teach the practice online, but as soon as this situation is over, we will commit to teaching it in various cities to make it available to people. But right now, with our Inner Engineering Online program, people can easily bring their mind to a certain level of balance and emotions to a certain level of sweetness within themselves, which can carry them through this challenging situation. 

The Difference Between Inner Engineering Online and Other Sadhguru Videos

Inner Engineering Online is a tool that takes you step-by-step and delivers you to a place where to be peaceful and joyful becomes a natural possibility. YouTube videos are inspiring and they try to clarify a few things for you, but they are not a step-by-step process. We cannot compare the videos on YouTube and other platforms with Inner Engineering Online. This is a properly, well-structured device or a tool which works on a different level. 

A Mission for Our Generation

I am with you with every step that you take. Every one of us must stay alive through this period and ensure that people around us stay alive as well. Especially if you have people who are in the vulnerable age group, your parents or grandparents, please make it an absolute mission to see that they stay alive. This is a mission for this generation, that a great pandemic came our way but we dealt with it in a responsible and sensible manner and came out victorious. I am confident that with so many of you out there with a deep sense of responsibility, you will ensure this happens to yourself and to the societies which you live in. It is my wish and my blessing that all of you should succeed in this. 

Editor's Note:  Inner Engineering Online, a 7-session online course designed by Sadhguru, has been a game-changer for millions of people, helping them take charge of their mind, body, and emotions. Offered at 20% discount for challenging times. Applicable only in India.


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