The Birth of Isha Yoga Center

Sadhguru: When we started looking for a place to establish Dhyanalinga, they showed me any number of places all over Tamil Nadu. Whatever they showed me, I went on saying, “This is not it,” “This is not it,” “This is not it.” Everyone was driven to a point of frustration – “What is it that you are looking for?”

Then, one day, we just happened to drive down to the place where the ashram is located today, late in the evening around 6:45. As we were driving down a bend, I saw the Seventh Hill. I just stood there for a few moments and I knew where I was supposed to go. At the time there was no road to enter this space where the ashram is. It was completely closed. We cut our way through the forest and when we reached the place I said, “This is it. We want this place.” 

The people around me said, “We don’t even know who owns it, we don’t know whether it is for sale.” I told them it didn’t matter and asked them to find out who the owners were.

The land was owned by a wealthy family in Coimbatore who had no need to sell land. Everyone around me was convinced there was no way they would sell the land, but I told them to just go and ask. On the eleventh day after we stepped on this land, the land was registered in Isha Foundation’s name.