Hands of Grace is a unique craft exposition featuring traditional handicrafts from across the length and breadth of India. Craft groups showcase furniture, interior décor, garments, organic bodycare products, stone and metal crafts, accessories and gift items.

Perfected over thousands of years, India’s handicrafts have woven themselves into the country’s cultural fabric and were once an integral part of daily life. They were not only a means of livelihood, but also served as a process of spiritual growth. Unfortunately, industrialization and mass-production have eroded the fundamental framework of many handicraft traditions, which have consequently disappeared in the last hundred years. Hands of Grace is an endeavor of Isha Foundation which seeks to rejuvenate India’s traditional arts and crafts industry and establish a lasting legacy for future generations. It is part of Isha’s larger initiative to revive India’s ancient cultural ethos. The exhibition coincides with Navratri celebrations and cultural programs at the Isha Yoga Center.