Sadhguru: When I was young, I spent lots of time by myself in nature. When I was young, from the age of about eleven, if I found a few rupees lying around at home, I would buy myself two or three loaves of bread, a few boiled eggs, leave a note at home with the day of my return, and disappear into the forest. I walked around, slept on the trees, caught myself a bag full of snakes and three or three-and-a-half days later when the food ran out, I always came back. The first few times I did this, there was a whole lot of excitement all over the town, a police complaint had been given and they were searching all over the place. After about two or three occasions like this, my parents sort of settled because wherever I went, anyway I came back.

I just walked alone day and night in the forest in total pitch darkness.

I neither had a torch nor anything. I just walked through the forest and learned to live simply. By the time I came out after the third day, with no change of clothes, I would be all mud! This continued even in my youth. Whenever I got a chance, I just got lost in the forest and walked and walked and slept in the trees.