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Kothakota Cotton

The elegant Kothakota saris are made in the Kothakota village, situated in the Mahabubnagar district of Telangana. The village of Kothakota is famed for its skillfully-designed cotton saris.

The Kothakota is unique as the body of the sari is pure cotton and the pallu (edge of the sari) and the border are woven in pure silk. Also, the color of the border contrasts with the color of the body. The Kothakota saris often feature rich zari (metallic thread) designs.

The pure silk border and pallu are hand-woven separately. Later these are joined by hand with the body of the sari with a unique technique. There are artisans in this village who specialize in this technique.

Kothakota village is close to the neighboring towns of Gadwal and Narayanpet and so there is an influence of their weaves on the saris woven in Kothakota. This sari however, can be distinguished by its checkered pattern.

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