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Chendamangalam on the outskirts of Kochi in Kerala is famous for its handloom tradition. Many clusters involving women weavers thrive in this region. The saris are crafted from 80/100 count yarns with traditional white and gold as well as colored borders.

Weavers in Chendamangalam were under the official patronage of the feudal family of Paliam, who served as chief ministers for the Rajas of Cochin.

Regarding the actual process, Chendamangalam textiles are woven on frame looms, and their texture is slightly heavier than similar fabrics from Balaramapuram (the other major handloom weaving center of Kerala).

The typical Chendamangalam mundu (a cloth draped around the waist) has colored borders with a matching colored stripe, and only small amounts of kasavu (gold border) for ornamentation