Day-break on 16th April, the 2nd day of the program came not a moment too soon for the eager participants, with the first of them making their way to the venue at 7:00 AM, a good hour-and-a-half before the program began. The powerful, heady aroma of freshly wet earth which filled the air thanks to a light drizzle the night before, set the tone for the rest of the day. The initiation into Isha Kriya the night before seemed to have infused the participants with a new sense of enthusiasm and vigor.



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When the session began at 8:30 AM, it was a wonderful sight to see all the participants leaving their footwear in straight, orderly rows before entering the hall. The spirit of Isha was already flowing through their veins! As they entered the hall, they were welcomed by powerful chanting by the Samskriti children. Sadhguru entered the hall a little later, and the excited participants visibly straightened in their seats and were all ears as he began to speak.


As the day progressed, the participants were left chuckling at Sadhguru’s evergreen jokes (Shankaran Pillai cornered a significant share of the laughter), while being roused out of their preconceptions about life. As the participants were taken on a metaphorical roller-coaster ride, it was clear that Sadhguru’s presence was having an undeniable effect on the participants - with many of them actually sitting in Ardha-Siddhasana on their chairs. As usual, Sounds of Isha were in the thick of things, as were the Samskriti children, who gave a wonderful Kalari demo in the afternoon which enthralled the audience.

The participants were also given the opportunity to ask questins to Sadhguru. Questions came, ranging from awakening the Kundalini, choosing between asceticism and marriage, communicating with astral beings and about spirituality in today’s world.

A Volunteer Shares...

Ever since the curtain rose on the Isha megaclass at Madurai on March 11th, the Wave of Bliss known as "Ananda Alai" in Tamil Nadu has had such an impact that Ishas have become accustomed to handling classes with over ten thousand participants and five figure enrolment figures have become the norm. But the Mysore class with 817 participants is a reminder that spirituality is not just about the numbers. Every participant in the program was a reminder that spirituality is ultimately about touching each individual in all their uniqueness.

Anu, one of the volunteers shares her experience...
I had volunteered for the mega-class at Chennai and it was a wonderful experience. I had become used to being among a few thousand participants so when I came to the Mysore class, I was surprised and a bit discouraged when I saw the size of the hall and the number of participants. But after the first day, I took stock of myself and began to involve myself totally in my activity. And in a way, this volunteering experience has become special for me. The smaller group of participants allowed me to interact on a more individual basis with many participants which has made this experience so much more personal and closer to my heart.

 A volunteer waits for Sadhguru to arrive to offer his mala (garland) of flowers.