The 4th of May started for us like just an ordinary Sunday, but then SMS's and E-mails spread the word of a Meditators' Sathsang and suddenly all of us Isha meditators in Mumbai were reeling under the realization that we were going to get to spend our evening with Sadhguru. Kudos to the volunteers, who in spite of such a short notice made all the necessary arrangements and by the time the meditators arrived, the Aajivasan Hall at Juhu looked like it was a part of the Isha Yoga Center near Coimbatore.

After watching a glimpse of the new video Mystic Wisdom, we were already in a daze, when he disarmed us with his witty opening remark: "Okay - that was the trailer. Since we are in Mumbai, for everything there has to be a trailer."


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Sadhguru then started the Sathsang by telling us why there is a need for spiritual teaching in the world today - because "human societies have chosen to imitate life, not imbibe it." As Shankaran Pillai made appearances, the loud laughter of the meditators was often followed by a quick glance down, as most of us realized that in so many ways, each one of us was Shankaran Pillai in that story…

Then started the question & answer session… To a meditator who asked how to maintain intensity in both sadhana and volunteering, Sadhguru stated in his simple and hard hitting words: "You cannot do just your sadhana with great intensity and do the rest of your life in a tepid way. It's not possible to do that. If you bring intensity into every aspect of your life, your sadhana also will find intensity. Just doing sadhana alone in an intense way and conducting your life like a mop cloth just won't work. You must bring intensity to everything, just everything."

Responding to a query on Jyotirlingas , Sadhguru explained how, with willingness and appropriate sadhana, such powerful tools could simply "blow the hell" out of us. And when another meditator requested him to explain what he meant by using this phrase, Sadhguru, with the characteristic twinkle in his eyes stated that he meant it literally: "Blowing the hell out of us". He then explained that the whole of humanity is not at ease for more than 90% of the time. This is our personal hell and we are unknowingly not only keeping it alive but also nurturing it within us. Sadhguru asked, "Why are you keeping the hell alive? Is it not time to blow the hell out?" He reminded us once again that "The Time for ‘Love, Light and Laughter' is NOW." When a meditator asked him what the plans for Isha Mumbai were, he simply said: "You tell me. You make the plan, I'll empower it." That gave every single meditator a stronger push towards establishing Isha in Mumbai in a stronger and more consolidated way.

And then, though it felt like only a few minutes had passed, the three hour long Sathsang ended. Sadhguru got up to leave. And with that, all the emotions that always accompany this moment came flooding through. As most of us tried to get close enough to touch his feet and a few of us made human chains to make a pathway for Him, only one question remained… When do we see Him again?

But I guess most of us simply smiled and wiped our tears of joy, took a deep breath and blew the air out… after all, HE was blowing the hell out of us.