V olunteering for the Inner Engineering Retreat at iii was an adventure and a joy. I had the opportunity to join a lovely group of nine on this journey, assisting the teacher in the program hall throughout the four days.

Though the fickle weather kept us constantly on our toes, we enjoyed many classes with a stunning view of the hilltops as a backdrop. The first evening ended with a sunset meal at the bluff. I joined the Sounds of Isha musicians to accompany the dinner, and the simple beauty of the moment overwhelmed us all.

I grew with the participants over the course of the weekend, and I was inspired to see them happily pushing themselves beyond their limits - less sleep, no coffee, challenging treks. All shared their emotions as Sadhguru’s wisdom dismantled their shells, and I witnessed the moments of peace and relaxation which allowed them to reflect and turn inward.

Sadhguru’s gift of Inner Engineering is one for which no thanks is sufficient. Our volunteers had the honor and joy of creating a beautiful package for this offering to the world. Both incomparable and indescribable, this opportunity is one that everyone should experience.

- Elizabeth Hunt, IER volunteer


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