We welcome you to join us for the Navratri Abhishekam via the free live webstream on Oct 9, 10 and 15 at Linga Bhairavi, and experience Devi’s powerful presence wherever you are.

Wishing you nine beautiful nights of joy and devotion.

This Navratri, may the blessings of Devi be with you. Jai Bhairavi!

May you experience the grace of the Divine Feminine. Happy Navratri.

This Navratri, may the fire of Devi illuminate you.


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Let Devi’s grace flow into your life on this Navratri.

Revel in these nine auspicious nights of fierceness and gentleness.

May Devi’s exuberance light up your home and heart. Happy Navratri.

May the blessings of the goddess be upon you. Happy Navratri.

May this Navratri bring you stability, intensity and transcendence.

Navratri is a time to light up your life with the fire of devotion.

The Divine Feminine is a celebration of life. Experience the Devi this Navratri.

Dance your heart out to know the ecstasy of abandon. Happy Navratri.

May Devi bless you with strength, serenity and wisdom. Happy Navratri.

Melt in the madness of Devi’s love. Happy Navratri.

May these nine nights of Devi lead you to ultimate fulfillment. Happy Navratri.


Editor's Note: Make the most of Navratri with Navratri Sadhana which has been specially designed by Sadhguru.