A few days ago, a few Tweets were posted by a Twitter user, who had mischievously edited videos of Sadhguru speaking about Krishna’s mother Yashodha. Through these ill-intentioned edits, the user was trying to make it appear that Sadhguru was suggesting that the love that Yashodha had for Krishna was related to sexuality.

They posted distorted videos and tried to unsuccessfully drum up a controversy and spread false information about Sadhguru. Fortunately, most people saw through the lies. 

This blogpost provides the right perspective of what Sadhguru spoke in the original unedited video. The original video shows Sadhguru talking about how there were many wonderful women who were all devotees of Krishna. These parts had been deliberately removed by the Twitter user. 

In the original video, Sadhguru hails Krishna as the highest manifestation of human consciousness. He explains that Krishna, as a divine entity, was too immense for anyone to become anything other than his devotee, which is why his mother also became his devotee. He speaks about how devotion is about being in love with the Divine. In several other videos, Sadhguru has clearly explained how devotion is something that goes beyond the physical body. It is an all-inclusive process to attain mukti. 


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Sadhguru is speaking in this context in the original unedited video. It is a talk that has been extracted from the program Leela, which Sadhguru conducted in a very exuberant manner in 2005 to celebrate Krishna's Path of Playfulness.  Below is the content which was spoken in the same session of the program to give you the right context in which Sadhguru was speaking: 

“Krishna was all-inclusiveness right from the beginning. When he opened his mouth as a child to show his mother that he was not eating mud – or he was eating mud, whichever way – even then he was all inclusion. When he danced with the gopis also, he was all inclusion. He never thought of having pleasure with them.”

Raas… there may be no exact translation in English. It is like 'the juice of life'. So we are saying that Govinda is somebody who played with the juice of life. So the non-stop dance sessions that went on in these communities, at least at certain times of the month or during the evenings after the work is done, got referred to as Raas Leela, that means it's playing with the juice of life. Slowly it got identified as a space where there was no anger, there is no desire; just life. The juice of life flowed because there was no anger and no desire.”

In this culture, all devotees are considered as lovers, and this understanding is very prevalent even today. For instance, there are many people who still name themselves as “Krishna Premi” to symbolize their love for Krishna. There are millions of devotees who call themselves lovers of Krishna. There is no sexual connotation in this. 

It is unfortunate that this ill-intentioned Twitter user seems to believe the word "lover" only applies to sexual relationships, and is trying to distort Sadhguru’s words to promote this false perspective. 

The video has been edited in a reprehensible way to suggest something very contrary to our culture. This mischief is not about Sadhguru, it is about Krishna and also about the culture of Bharat.