“I Love Trees” is a campaign aimed at getting people closer to nature, declaring their love for trees with a hug, and taking concrete action so that everyone can play their part in planting trees!


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The campaign was initiated by the Yves Rocher Foundation, who have also partnered with Project GreenHands to plant 15 million trees in Tamil Nadu. Till date, the foundation has funded the planting of 50 million trees in 27 countries around the world, in association with the UNEP “Plant for the Planet” initiative.

In 2007, Jacques Rocher, the founder of Yves Rocher Foundation pledged to plant 1 million trees with men and women from all over the world. Inspired by Wangari Mathai and associating with UNEP, he increased his target to 50 million trees. To celebrate having achieved this laudable number, the Yves Rocher Foundation launched the "I Love Trees" collaborative movement.

How to participate in the “I Love Trees” campaign?

It is quite simple. All you have to do is take a photo of a Tree Hug and publish it on the www.ilovetrees.eu website.

For each Tree Hug photo published on the www.ilovetrees.eu website, the Yves Rocher Foundation pledges to plant a tree somewhere in the world.

And there's more good news!

Share the same photo on social networking sites with #ILoveTreeHugs and a second tree will be planted.

Sadhguru about Jacques Rocher

Sadhguru: Planting 50 million trees takes a lot of money and effort. He has been travelling all over the world, and he is planting irrespective of which country it is, knowing that it is for the planet, not just for the country. My experience with various other companies has not been the same. If I tell them, “We want to plant 114 million trees. Please support this,” they will say, “Will you plant it in my state, in my village, in my factory?” – not understanding that ecological work is not about “my part of the world” and “your part of the world.” Wherever the tree is planted, everyone will benefit from it.

I want everyone to see him not as a person but as a solution for the future. We need to increase the numbers of such people. They must be recognized. I want people to talk about it because it is very important that we constantly talk about solutions. If we only talk about problems, everyone will throw up their hands and feel defeated. When you see that people who create solutions are recognized in the world, the thought, “What can I do” will naturally come in everyone.