Last week, as the Norwegian city of Bergen gets ready to celebrate the holiday season, a festive event of a different sort took place. During the first weekend of December, 21 aspiring yogis were introduced to Isha’s flagship program, Inner Engineering, taking place for the first time in beautiful Norway, the land of the fjords. And only 4 weeks prior to this, Inner Engineering reached neighbouring Sweden, also for the first time, with 25 participants during a weekend of Stockholm’s first snowfall of the season.

Atle, a volunteer in Bergen shares about the recent Norway program

“What a ride it has been! The bumpy adventure leading to that happening started months ago with a few meditators here and there across our sparsely populated country. We chose Bergen – a city with practically no Isha meditators. One very dedicated participant, Mikael, had completed the online version of the program and hoped for Isha to come to Norway. As he shared on the last day of the program, ‘Though I did not have the funds to undertake a trip to mystical India, I have a brain that I figured I could use to let mystical India come to me!’

With no known volunteers at the time on the ground in Bergen, and only two registered participants, the course taking place seemed like an impossible occurrence. We decided to anyway go all out for it to happen. And aren't we glad we did!

At the moment of making that decision, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of being completely enveloped in Sadhguru's Grace - if we did everything we could, he would make sure it happens beautifully. And never underestimate the power of our Guru! Shortly after, things started falling into place... A new venue was located and secured, volunteers started popping up as if sent by the heavens, people were calling to inquire about the program, and everything shifted around in favour of making it happen. So many ‘impossible’ things that if I were to mention them all, I would need to write a book – not a blog post!


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On the first day of the introductory talk, every person who attended the introduction decided to sign up for the program, and we ended up with 21 excited, but unsuspecting participants! Some long-time followers of Sadhguru through YouTube, some completely new, and some who went just because the program had deeply touched their family and friends, including my own mother and brother.

It is extremely beautiful to witness the transformation of people in the course of four days. We could clearly see the worry lines fading away from the participants' faces and a new childlike excitement lighten up in their eyes. By the end of the program it seemed like a new group of people were there in the building - now looking and feeling so free, joyful and incredibly radiant. One of my favourite moments of the whole program was after the closing, when dancing my heart out with my mother for the first time and looking at her glowing. She is a pretty woman, but never had she looked that beautiful! All the stress (that we have put her through over the years) was suddenly gone, and there was a joyful child dancing there – so full of life!

Volunteer, Dan, shared, ‘Being in London the week before for my own program, then volunteering this weekend in Norway was a double blast and I am very happy for that. I would like to thank Helen, my teacher, for suggesting this double blast (she may have been desperate for volunteers – who knows?!) Regarding my first experience as a volunteer, to know what participants are going through and trying to make sure they go through the program as Sadhguru intended, is putting the teaching to work. To be touched by the grace of the program is a gift. To work and share with the rest of the volunteers - and the teacher – is rewarding. My moods oscillated between happy, thankful, a little tired in the mornings, Shambhavi Mahamudra sparkling me up, energized, blissed out, peaceful tears pouring, grateful.’

The Inner Engineering course in Norway has been an incredible experience. A few days of waking up early and working non-stop might sound like torture to some, but for me there is nothing else in the world I would rather do. As Mikael put it: ‘It was such a tremendous experience, a glimpse of what life can become if one perseveres on the road to liberation. Everything is planned with such care, attention and intelligence, from the course to the food, with the volunteers carrying this with calm and an immense respect.’

There was certainly a new fire waiting to spread under the Norwegian Christmas tree this last Sunday. This is one, however, that we do not plan to ever extinguish!


Sharing from participant, Liene, Norway

“Throughout my life I have been dealing with a lot of pain, loss, depression and anxiety. I think I have spent the most part of it having this tiny voice in my head, ‘stabbing' me from the inside. Even though I felt a bit uneasy before going to Inner Engineering, thinking, ‘Nothing has helped me get better before. Nothing can,’ I sort of emptied myself of all those poisonous thoughts and went with an open mind, ready for anything.

Right now, I don't think it is possible to explain my feelings in words (I feel like no matter what I say doesn't do justice to how it really was).

For me it was the best, the most powerful thing that I've ever experienced. It was exactly what I needed (or what I was unconsciously looking for). At moments it sounds even a bit unrealistic to myself. My head, mind and body got emptied of all the rubbish, and got filled with only light and love.

I never want to lose this feeling. I am free. Thank you.”

Sharing from participant, Tommy, Norway

“The Inner Engineering course held in Bergen went beyond my expectations. If you really want to invest in your ‘well-being’, this is the course to choose. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. From the beginning of the course, my judgements of others disappeared and I felt Oneness for the first time, tears falling, calmness and unconditional love around me took place.”

Sharing from participant, Adrian, Norway

“The 4-day Inner Engineering course in Bergen was an incredible journey guided by Sadhguru, whom you could feel present throughout all of the sessions. This course that is wrapped up as yet another yoga course is above every expectation in terms of meditation and well-being. During the initiation, I felt that I was born again, just beyond anything that I had experienced before.”

Volunteers Raje and Jonas, share about the first Inner Engineering program in Sweden

“There were 25 happy participants and 8 volunteers that made this long weekend a very joyful and rewarding experience. As a volunteer you get very touched. The 'curious-willing to know more’ look in all faces is wonderful to see. Especially on the last day, when that look has transformed to a 'hopeful-joyful-determined-look'. I think we always long for these ‘aha-moments’ in life - one step up, a little wiser and a little more aware about the mechanics of life. It was a busy, joyful weekend with the reward of seeing so many new glowing eyes with new tools and determination. Two of our volunteers traveled a long way to volunteer for the program. It was so amazing to have that togetherness in Sweden. I must thank you all for the IE program - for your love, engagement and taking care. Thank you Sadhguru for this opportunity given to us.”

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