Sadhguru's recent Midnights with a Mystic book tour started on 7 May 2008 in Washington DC, the capital of the United States, where he presented two talks.

The first talk was organized at the World Bank where Sadhguru addressed staff members of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The World Bank is an internationally supported bank that provides financial assistance to developing countries with the stated goal of reducing poverty in the world. The International Monetary Fund is another important organization in the sphere of finance, overseeing the global financial system.


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The meeting hall was overflowing with more than 175 people from both institutions, and the interest was so great that those who did not have a place to sit, stood throughout the talk, eager to listen to the extraordinary insights of an unusual guest at the heart of world finance. Impressed by Sadhguru's talk and the work carried out by the Isha Foundation, many sought more information after the talk, and Sadhguru's books were in high demand. Sadhguru was later honored with a special lunch reception at the World Bank sponsored by the Bank's Development Dialogue on Values and Ethics and the Bank-Fund India Club.

On the evening of the same day, Sadhguru presented a talk at the George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium. More than 350 people, including several prominent members of the Washington DC community, attended the talk which was open and free to the public. The program entitled "An Evening with the Mystic" was an inspiration for many to set out on an inward journey.

Sadhguru's introductory discourse was followed by a powerful meditation, and as Sadhguru's voice resonated throughout the entire auditorium, people were struck in awe by the depth of the process. In the subsequent Question and Answer Session, Sadhguru opened up the floor for the audience to ask questions. At the very end of the Q&A session, much to the amazement of all, a brave young girl raised her hand to ask Sadhguru a few questions regarding meditation with a profundity that most adults would not be capable of.

The program concluded with a book signing for the newly released book Midnights with the Mystic. Over 180 books were sold and quickly a long line formed as people tried to come closer to Sadhguru and get their books signed by him, and the co-author Cheryl. Thirsty for more, people flocked around the booths, eager to purchase other books and CD's by Sadhguru. Touched by his reverberating chant, the CD ‘Nadha Brahma' was in high demand - and soon sold out. The various Isha Projects such as Project GreenHands and Isha Vidhya, presented at information booths, also met with great interest.

Positive response by the public to Sadhguru as well as to the offerings and initiatives of Isha was shown throughout the events, with many of the attendees expressing their keen interest to find out more, looking forward to upcoming Inner Engineering Programs in DC and eagerly awaiting Sadhguru's next visit.

As the night came to a close and the public had left, Sadhguru held a brief Sathsang for the volunteers, leading them in the uplifting chant "Brahmananda Swaroopa". It was a special moment for the Washington DC volunteers - many of whom had seen Sadhguru for the first time - as they were drinking in his presence, hoping he will return soon.