“As there is a technology to create external wellbeing, there is a whole dimension of science and technology to create inner wellbeing”

– Sadhguru

Inner Engineering

Inner Engineering

Technologies for Wellbeing

A powerful program for self-transformation and inner exploration

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  • Seven, 90-minute sessions and guided meditations
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Mystic Quote

September 20, 2017

"Today is a day to express our gratitude to our ancestors, who have contributed to our lives in so many ways."

- Sadhguru

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What We Do to Our Rivers, We Do to Ourselves
What We Do to Our Rivers, We Do to Ourselves

Sadhguru describes the dire situation facing India’s rivers, and reminds us that what we do to our rivers and forests, we do to ourselves. ...Read Article


Rallying in Good Spirits
Rallying in Good Spirits

As the Rally for Rivers progresses, Sadhguru sends an update. Do not miss our slideshow with many highlights of the Rally to date. Sadhguru describes the objectives of the Rally and the envisioned policy, which will ultimately benefit everyone, from the river, to life around, farmers, local population, and the nation as a whole. What drives him to make all these efforts? A deep sense of inclusiveness. He says, “My engagement with Mountains, Forests, and Rivers goes back to my early childhood – not just as nature and resource that one would enjoy but as an integral part of myself.” ...Read Article


Leaders of the Nation Rally for Rivers
Leaders of the Nation Rally for Rivers

India’s leaders give their full support for Rally for Rivers, regardless of background or political divides. ...Read Article