“As there is a technology to create external wellbeing, there is a whole dimension of science and technology to create inner wellbeing”

– Sadhguru

Inner Engineering

Inner Engineering

Technologies for Wellbeing

A powerful program for self-transformation and inner exploration

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Isha Kriya

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March 23, 2017

"Once you experience yourself beyond your physical and mental limitations, there is no such thing as fear."

- Sadhguru

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No Give & Take, Just Spring in Your Heart
No Give & Take, Just Spring in Your Heart

How to balance the give and take of life? A common saying in the Tamil language warns that both the one who always gives and the one who always takes will be ruined. Sadhguru responds to this aphorism, explaining that one who is in tune with the life process, who is like springtime within himself, will naturally give whatever is needed. ...Read Article


Saving India’s Lifeline – Why Rivers Need Trees
Saving India’s Lifeline – Why Rivers Need Trees

On this Spot, Sadhguru writes about the alarming situation of rapidly receding rivers in India and identifies effective measures to counter this development and prevent disaster. He says, “We are destroying the soil and the water resources at such a rate that in another fifteen to twenty years’ time, we will not be able to feed these people and quench their thirst anymore.” ...Read Article

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Sadhguru on Whirlwind in Dubai: Media Buzz
Sadhguru on Whirlwind in Dubai: Media Buzz

On his first three-day public tour of Dubai, Sadhguru received an overwhelming response from residents of Dubai, public hosts and the media too! Here we share some of the major media coverages from Sadhguru’s well-attended events in the ‘City of Gold’. ...Read Article