April 22nd was World Earth Day. Green Hands’ Earth Day contest on the blog invited readers to send in their message for Mother Earth. Many of you wrote to us, we got a lot of photos, sharings and many beautiful poems. It’s wonderful that so many of us care for Mother Earth. We would like to thank all our readers who responded. We have selected 3 entries to share with you. A poem by Kavita Midha, inspired by her experience of Prithvi Prema Seva at the Isha Yoga Center, Earth Day events at Hurray, and a poem by Jolly Jacob on the “Chattiness of Trees.”

Tender the Land

Her giving knows no bounds
Soft, Red, Warm and Round.
Our daily bread, daily feast
for every man, woman, child and beast.
Her tender, loving, warm embrace
to one and all, she has no face.
With open heart and tender touch,
you will know just how much.

So go gently with naked feet,
where your body and hers doth meet.
In all her shades of pink to brown,
keeps us steady, safe and down.
Our very flesh, blood and bone,
is of this earth, but a loan.
When you’re lost in fear and going mad,
come back to her, feel the mud.

Voluptuous fruits up above
Vegetables, pulses buried below,
Verdant greens just everywhere,
when we tender the land with love and care.
Besides all this goodness we get on our plates,
the joy of just being with her I cannot relate.
So pull up your sleeves,
get down on the land.
Give back to her,
and you'll understand.


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The folks at hurray got together and made a globe with old newspaper, adopted a plant & played loads of “earth-awareness” games.


The Chattiness of Trees

Did you know
that trees can talk?

If you stood real close
and asked it a question
and were real quiet
the answer will form itself
in the space inside you.

It must come from standing -
their wisdom -
arms lifted up to the sun,
drinking in its light,
pores open to the voice
of the cosmos.

From drenching -
in the exuberant, sensuous
embrace of the rain,
soaking in the laughter
of the heavens.

From listening -
to the scurry of small
animal paws and jaws
darting among its roots
sharing secrets of life and death.

And if you leaned against
its woody warmth,
you will feel the universe
right there
throb against your skin.

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