At 8 o' clock in the morning on July 11, in the presence of Sadhguru, the Bhoomi Pooja for the first full-fledged Bhairavi space outside the Isha Yoga Center was conducted in Salem. The Linga Bhairavi located on 1.5 acres of land on the Salem Omaloor Main Road, opposite the Salem Government Engineering College will be a blessing for the people of Salem. Devi, in all her grace and beauty will now be just a short drive away for Salemites.

Sadhguru was received with a traditional welcome to the sound of drums and chants. The foundation stone for this space was laid and the pre-consecration form of Bhairavi was established. Later on Sadhguru spoke about how the construction team expressed that they could complete the structure in 8 months, but Sadhguru joked that they should do it in 9 months because that would be more appropriate. He also mentioned that this was an important step in the growth of the whole of Salem city. He spoke about the upcoming Salem megaclass in September and said that with Devi in Salem, if thousands of people become meditative, there would be a tremendous revolution – a silent revolution – without any sound, noise or violence. At the end of the function, the participants received Prasadam blessed by Sadhguru. PGH also organized the distribution of free tree saplings.

One of the volunteers at the event shared his experience,
“I postponed my plan to come to the ashram to participate in the Shoonya program because Bhairavi and Sadhguru were coming to Salem. I could feel the vibrancy and energy of the place after the Devi was installed by Sadhguru. I am so happy that Devi has come to Salem. I would like to get my daughter's ears pierced and her vidyarambham in Salem itself instead of in Coimbatore. It is really wonderful to see everybody’s enthusiasm and commitment to take care of Devi every day, whether they eat, sleep or not.”


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