For this generation, 2020 will certainly be one of the most unusual years in living memory – the year of the Coronavirus pandemic. As with most upheavals, the hardest hit have been those who are already on the back foot in some way, marginalized by socioeconomic disadvantages.

Even though the pandemic brought the world to an abrupt halt, it did not stop Isha volunteers from innovating to ensure that our programs stayed on track as much as possible. Some of the highlights of the past year include:

  • The Cauvery Calling team enabled 30,000 farmers to plant an incredible 1.1 crore saplings in the 2020 planting season, covering 28 Cauvery basin districts and 189 taluks in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
  • As the search for a remedy to COVID-19 raged across the globe, Isha designed a holistic method based on ground-level feedback to benefit 200,000 people residing in villages around Isha Yoga Center. 549,726 meals were served and PPE kits were distributed to 66,892 frontline workers.
  • The free “With Sadhguru in Challenging Times” darshans garnered over 17 million views, while Isha’s flagship program “Inner Engineering Online” was offered free of cost to COVID warriors and at half price to others.
  • Isha Vidhya students once again shone by achieving a perfect score - 100% pass rate in the tenth and twelfth standard board exams.

Most importantly, none of this would have happened without the generous contributions from people like you. Anukampa 2020 is an expression of our deep gratitude to our donors and volunteers – we thank each and every one of you for making Isha what it is today.



Editor's Note: Large-scale social transformation cannot happen without the consistent support of a substantial group of committed people and organizations who are willing to put the wellbeing of others above themselves. Reach out to us at or visit if you wish to know more or get involved.


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