On November 23rd, Sadhguru gave a talk at the Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) to almost 1000 business leaders and entrepreneurs. Bridging the so-called gap between the spiritual and material during the lively Q&A session, Sadhguru spoke about the importance of Inner Engineering particularly for those in leadership positions. Founded in 1956 by the late Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai and other professionals, the AMA focuses on a multi-dimensional approach to management. Later, in Gandhinagar, the Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat paid Sadhguru a special visit.

On the morning of November 24th, Kensville Golf Club saw Sadhguru interacting with a few leading industrialists in a refreshing round of golf. A press conference followed where Sadhguru spoke about the need for spiritual process and the development of India. Reporters expressed their fascination with Sadhguru’s talent at the sport and the guru-golf connection. The press conference was covered live by the TV channel NaMo Gujarat, which aired clips of Sadhguru’s game of golf.

On November 25th, at 6:30am, volunteers and meditators in Ahmedabad gathered for a small sathsang. Sadhguru spoke about the need to enhance the thread of spiritual process in the country. He pointed out that although he could not speak their language, they could sit together in a sathsang only because of this spiritual thread. He said that we should impress on the next generation that in this country, mukti is the highest goal in one’s life.

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