Bhairavi Jani doesn’t dream small. The founder of i3pl, a fourth-party logistics company which counts Mahindra & Mahindra, Lego, Airtel, and Asian Paints among its clients, Bhairavi has managed to make a name for herself, rather than being referred to as the daughter of her renowned father, Tushar Jani – a founding member of Blue Dart Courier Services. Today, she is a Director at the 100-year-old SCA Group of Companies led by her father.

Fine-tuning her business instincts and sharpening her skills has always been on her priority list, and Bhairavi recently participated in Insight – The DNA of Success, Isha Foundation’s unique leadership development program led by the foremost CEO coach in the world, Dr Ram Charan, and Sadhguru.

After the 4-day event, Bhairavi had an exciting discussion with the XIth standard students of Isha Home School. She spoke to them at length on identifying and exploring their dreams. Upon being asked what her dream was, she said “I want to fly without any support, like Superman”. She said this dream of hers was with her from an inordinately young age and every time she visits an aviation company, she asks them to make her dream come true!


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The Executive Director of C.K. Prahalad’s development brain-child India@75, and the former National Chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) Young Indians (Yi) division, Bhairavi is an altruist at heart. As she explained to the IHS seniors, “I want to think about what I can do and how that relates to my country. It’s my obligation because I have the privilege. I am a young person in India that is growing, where what i do will not only change the country but may change the course of the world.” As a woman who built a successful company from the ground up in the male-dominated logistics industry, Bhairavi isn’t one to shirk audacious plans. Drawing from her own rich experience, she encouraged the students to have the vision to think big and see how they could contribute to the lives of those around them. “I want to hear from you, audacious plans – ‘I am an architect, I want to build new cities. I am an accountant, I want to make sure that people even at the smallest level understand financing.’ What good is your accounting if 4 million people in this country still cannot do banking. ‘If I want to write a software, I don't want to write a software for Microsoft, I want to build a Microsoft.’ We are living in times, where we have to prepare for our growth, the country's growth, the world's growth. Whatever is the growth that the nation is going to see has to happen with the individual first, because only if individuals excel and blossom, the community blossoms. If the community blossoms, the nation blossoms. The nation blossoms, the world will change.”

It was wonderful to see the youngsters motivated to make a difference for themselves, the country and the world, inspired by such an unassuming and gregarious role model.

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