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Here we are at the foothills of Annapurna South… 

A few us trekked to Kagbhusandi Lake, a spectacular place and we are camped here for two days.

Every muscle in my body screaming at me and asking, “Why the hell do you bring us here. But my heart rejoices with a rapture of a completely different sort. Heart overflows with ecstasy. But body screams in pain.

These mountains… If you look at them a thousand times over, your mountain lust will not be gone. Someone asked me, “Why you’re going there every year, Sadhguru?” I said, “It’s Himalayan Lust.”

And even in the group, though we have tried to prevent this, still I think there are five or six people out of thirty-five who are coming here for second or third time. Because once the mountains catch you, they really have you in some kind of a submission.

As the mountain peaks are spilling water from the snowcapped tops, I’ve been spilling a little bit of poetry. Not as white, bright, and beautiful as them, but this is me. I’m not a Himalaya. So here, let me read one for you. Haven’t done this in a long time.


Sadhguru at Hamde, Nepal | Mountain Lust


Home at Hamde

The valley floor of Hamde

seems like Home to me who

is being drawn to these less

travelled trails among these

spectacular Mountain peaks.

Ever since he invaded my

Breath and Being and drew

Me into his cosmic Breast

I am like an infant in the


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comfort of a loving Mother’s

womb. Not a care about life

or Death. Unfettered even by

longings of the Beyond as

Here has become Beyond and

Beyond is Here.

Well, looking at the beautiful Annapurna peak, I’m calling this… 


Sadhguru at the foothills of the Annapoorna mountain range, Himalayas, Nepal | Mountain Lust



Snow clad peak of

Annapoorna revealing its

fair face for a moment and

going behind the veil of cloud

the next playing the shy bride

forever. Until the photon force

of the Sun momentarily unveils her

Glorious face to enthrall all

momentarily though.

Let me spoil your week with one more poem, called “Mountain Lace.” 


Sadhguru at Hamde, Nepal | Mountain Lust


Mountain Lace

Snows melt to cover

the bare mountain face

with the white lace of streams

large or rills thin and

sinuous. This fragile

lace of white water

turns into torrential river

that all shall fear and respect

It’s very difficult to explain what mountains can do to a person. I don’t know if you can ever call a man, a man, who has never been to the mountains. For ages, this has been so.

I beseech everyone, particularly the youth of the nation and the world, to have some kind of a romance with some mountain – a mountain that challenges you, a mountain that draws you, a mountain that makes you submissive by its sheer size, strength, and presence.

Welcome to Himalayas, all of you.

Sadhguru walking at the foothills of Annapoorna range in Himalayas, Nepal | Mountain Lust


Love & Grace