Lap of Master

Sadhguru sends us a poem he just penned while trekking through the Himalayas, in which he likens the majestic mountain peaks and pristine valleys to awareness and the Grace of the Master’s lap. Also, do not miss the stunning photographs from the trek in our slideshow!
Sadhguru Spot - Lap of Master

గురువు ఒడిలో..

Lap of Master

There are peaks of awareness
and Valleys of Grace

At the peaks one shall
know the brilliance of knowing

In the valleys you can
melt into the mist of Oneness

Masters lap a melting pot
of brilliance and grace, of knowing
and dissolving. It is a place
to pray, play or perish.

Pray – You shall be graced with much
Play – You shall know Bliss of Being
Perish – You shall become One with him.

Love & Grace