By Curiosity or Conquest

In this week's Spot, Sadhguru sends us a note from Australia about the new robot rover orbiting Mars. "Curiosity landed upon Mars and been tweeting for the last week. The last bastion of male dominance gone?" Sadhguru also pens two new poems about the event. In "Vain Conquest," he writes: "Our interest in Mars or Venus/is not of Curiosity or Love/but of senseless Greed and Conquest."

Curiosity landed upon Mars and been tweeting for the last week. The last bastion of male dominance gone? No. Don't you worry, we will get Venus too.

Human ignorance empowered by technology, this is the most potent weapon that could destroy life before its time. As we know, the cutting edge technologies always go for military use first. World War I and II were the most gruesome display of the technologies of the day. Since then, too much technological progress has happened and of course in many ways it has altered our lives in most wonderful ways, but also looming large is the Damocles sword.

This century -- 21st in English calendar -- smells of death. Nearly a million people have been killed in conflict since the year 2000. Started with the madness of terror attack and following with a series of wars. Now the wars are being labeled as 'spring'.

Spring or 'Basanth' or 'Vasantham' always suggested life at its best. Love, gaiety, celebration, these and more, is what spring has always represented for all peoples of the world. Now spring means deceit, blood, death, and grief, all misrepresented as revolution, sacrifice and martyrdom.

Technology can kill and poison the world, unless in the hands of Conscious compassion. Only when our uppermost value is life can we trust technology to bring wellbeing.

On this day, which is the Independence Day for India, the most Unique nation upon the earth -- believe me this is not nationalism but close observation of cultural foundations of Nations.

We must know that without striving for raising human consciousness that is naturally inclusive, the boon of technology could turn into our doom.

When I first heard the tweets from 'Curiosity', a week ago, I penned these two poems and bear with me.



Empty Sky is potent[1]
but shy. Limitless possibility
held in a deceptive haze
Is this Divine ploy
Or Nature acting coy

Open in every way
Nowhere to go and no way
Bondage wrapped in freedom
Everything floating in nothing
Nothing in everything
Absolute chaos but order
most perfect. Would you
think you could know all
this, with mere curiosity

Vain Conquest

Our interest in Mars or Venus[2]
is not of Curiosity or Love
but of senseless Greed and Conquest
It is not about Venus or Mars
but of endless need for more and more
This borderless Ignorance
cannot be satiated with more
The nature of who you are
Needs all and not more
All is yours as it is
If you include and embrace
This you will not know either
by Curiosity or Conquest

Love and Blessings

[1] (9th August 2012, Kuala Lumpur, 1030am, tarmac)
[2] (9th August 2012, an hour from Melbourne)

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7 years 10 months ago

I agree with Sanjeevs reply. In addition, my humble opinion. Our genes have evolved from scratch upon this planet for a million years. Suddenly if you transport the human system to a different planet, I cannot conceive how it might function to its best, even if it does survive. I'm made of this planet and I am It in a way. If an asteroid does hit the planet, personally I would prefer to go with it than to abandon this lovely earth. Where else can you get such beauty? About wishing for everything--its got a deeper meaning besides the attractive message that seems obvious at first--wish for everything...meaning the whole cosmos, not just another planet! Can you reach infinity by adding one by one? Just my stupid thoughts, pardon me, good luck.

7 years 10 months ago

Sorry.. But I didn't understand whats wrong with the Mars mission or I understood wrong? Please correct me what I'm missing here..

If not tomorrow, may be after few decades or centuries of development, when earth is in danger of some asteroid(like the one destroyed dinosaurs) why cant it be a place holder to save the human species? with what we know today, this may not be possible. but who knows what humans will invent in the matter of time!

Above all, shouldn't we wish for everything as you always say :)

Just a humble thought sir :)

7 years 10 months ago

I'm in the field on technology, makes me think about what should be doing. I guess I do have a responsibility to enhance consciousness, just like industries have a responsibility to facilitate recycling.

7 years 10 months ago

"Everything floating in nothing

Nothing in everything" Liked these lines!! We have different meaning for each happening. It is great honour to see nothingness in everything!! As the spritual journey goes far beyond time...the need for more is always natural. So is curosity and the so called other inventions of Human being. Everything has been invented OUT OF already available ( Punchbhoot) things. Where is the Invention? An Invention is just a NEXT level of being Human !!

7 years 10 months ago

When one starts the journey , with the wish for everything, keeping the sequence as per sadhguru prescribed rule of : BEING - DOING - HAVING, that is first centre your self than Act, Having will happen automatically. Having will include all material wishes as well. Shiva or Nothingness showers everything including all worldly peasures and more.
Also once completely satisfied with the worldy pleasures and going towards desire for seeking beyond, one has to abandon all panch tatwas including planet earth, to merge into final everything or all encompassing nothingness.

7 years 10 months ago

True. There is a saying "curiosity kills" How is something only you know. Thanks for being around to design and harness our curiosity and wishes to make sure that we land ourselves in reality and explore within.

7 years 10 months ago

There are millions of things wrong with Mars mission. First of all your question about asteroid hitting earth, we can easily predict by technology that we have if any asteroid is going to hit the earth much in advance, which means it is very easy to find a solution to deflect it and prevent it from colliding with earth.

We have enough of problem to focus on this earth that we could spend and channelize our
energy and resources than spending our time on doing useless stuff such as these which
don't yield any valuable results. And just imagine a country like India spending huge amounts of money on Mars mission which is beyond stupidity. We are doing this to satisfy our egos and false sense of pride and nothing more than that.

We could instead focus this intelligence, energy, time and resource to carefully plan out and prioritize out efforts on solving the immediate problems we are facing right here on the planet and try to make this a better place rather than draining our resoruce for some stupid reseach on other planets.

7 years 10 months ago

The poem 'Vain conquest' is punching. I wish it strikes the brains & senses of all those mighty conquerors, scientists, students & all & in everyday life as well

7 years 10 months ago

Asteroid can easily be prevented from hitting the earth? You should be kidding :) While that can be true for small asteroids, the ones that are more than few miles in diameter are not a joke. Its never been proven and scientists are still skeptical about it.

Below is one reference I could get. You can search for any credible source which claims whether it is possible to destroy or redirect a bigger asteroids.

I completely agree on we have enough problems to deal with in earth. But that needn't come at the cost of stopping our efforts in exploring the solar system.
You never know what benefit you will get. Not just going there to live. You might get some material which might solve some of our problems here in earth.. may be an magical clean energy source which can avoid all these pollution... remember, its an unexplored world and possibilities are endless.

When we talk about India's effort in this, yes.. its true that we have millions of people with out food and feeding them is more important. But is stopping this effort going to help us feed them or the billions of corrupt money will instead?

I honestly feel, we have plenty of human and other resources to concentrate on other problems as well. If those are not happening, its not because of Mars mission. It got to do with some other issue and we have to deal with that instead of challenging the need for Mars mission.

7 years 10 months ago

Yes my beloved Sadhguru. In the whole cosmos the very paradise is this planet. Without understanding this, we are making so many holes in the ozone membrane by exploring into the sky. Let us stop spending money and time on this and make this planet a paradise to live

7 years 10 months ago

Dearest Guruji.
Here is the answer why we are spending so much money on exploring Mars.
I thought you might get a kick out of this "proof" that there is water on mars.

7 years 10 months ago

......"A thousand times...I have ascertained...and found it ti be true.....that the affairs of the universe.....are totally nothing....into nothing"......................Sadguru Hafiz

7 years 9 months ago

Curiousity caused one of the cats that live with me to become stuck in the roof. She called for help so i went to find her. Then she wouldn't come down, so i had to climb into the roof. Then she was avoiding me so i had to conquer her spirit in order to help her. Neither curiouisty nor conquest worked well in this case because she was in a bad mood with me for 10 minutes after all that.

7 years 10 months ago

sadguru appa, I wish I could come on 17th August in Malaysia to see u. Now I'm doing isha yoga for a week n I feel I can more concentrate in everything that I do. Thank u so much sadguru appa.

7 years 7 months ago

Not just Indias effort, Do you think its right for US to do it, specially with $50Trillon in total debt? Which country is poorer?

7 years 10 months ago

There is nothing wrong if do things with intention of compassion for the world, but as rightly said if the intention is senseless greed and conquest than it will only lead to destruction before time.

7 years 10 months ago

It is a mission of mankind to know & learn visible areas & thats' what 'CURIOSITY' is complying !

7 years 10 months ago

Mangalyaan – the trip to Mars with PSLV technology and a
20kg payload announced by Manmohan Singh on August 15 has evoked comments of
apprehension by a space scientist.

He was afraid that media and public glare may cause the
‘project’ to stray away from its ‘stated objective’.

As envisaged by the Constitution of divided India,
we are a welfare state.

Therefore, it is necessary that the executive, and the
legislature consciously put down in clear and lucid terms, their priorities for
the land and its people.

This hierarchy of priority must rule policies, programmes
and projects.

Each project and yojana has to be viewed, reviewed, updated
and modified, in this light.

Also, as Sadhguru has observed in his blogpost on
Independence day-

“India attained independence crafted upon
individual integrity.

Mahatma’s work would be complete only when large segments of
population are allowed to rise above impoverished condition.

Only when we are able
to provide a clean governance that people deserve.
No nation attained greatness without the citizenry striving for it.”

In this light, individuals and institutions openly or
tacitly supporting activities that impact the Government’s exchequer - like the
recently held Commonwealth games in New Delhi
- are points to be pondered upon.

Projects that are frills and not frocks,

cakes and not bread,

Chandrayaans.and not satellite launches.

That the Mangalyaan announcement from the ramparts of the red fort fronting a backdrop of bad monsoon, drought, economic reversal and stagnation, people taking to streets to protest against 'policies' and more, is sign of both slumber and awakening.

The ISRO using its establishment and capabilities to launch
satellites for other nations and therefore earning revenue and reputation is an
example of intelligent prioritization leading to fruitful outcomes.