Sadhguru explains how yoga is not made up of any philosophies, concepts, ideologies or belief systems. There are only methods to enhance your perception, because only what you perceive is a reality for you.

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Sadhguru: (Laughs) So one thing I would like to clear about the question is this is not a concept – this is the whole problem with life – everybody is propounding their own concepts, their own philosophies, their own ideologies all the time. Why is it that nobody is willing to look at life the way it is? Because somewhere human beings are too enamored with their own logic, with their own intellect. Now the biggest problem on the planet is just this, see this… this cosmos, you know, today the Hubble telescope has gone and they are talking about over hundred billion galaxies, not hundred billion stars; hundred billion galaxies and now we know there are more. In such a huge vast cosmos the solar system… our solar system is like a speck. Tomorrow morning if the whole solar system evaporates, nobody is going to miss it. It’s not even on account. In this speck, planet earth is a super speck. In that super speck, right now Chennai is a micro super speck. In that you are a big man - that is the whole problem. (Laughter/Applause)

You are having concepts about the universe, concepts about creation because somewhere you think the whole universe spilled out of your brains. No, you and me are so small here; we are like a speck of dust. If we evaporate right now, everything is going to be fine, nothing is going to change. A few people around us will cry and forget about us in three days. Everything is going to be fine.

So we, first of all, to understand the context of who we are, this is not a concept. Who the hell are you to even think up a concept about this universe? Because you are… you are a micro minute speck. If you can perceive something of this, it's fantastic. So that’s why I said the whole system of yoga – there are no concepts, there’re no philosophies, there’re no ideologies, there’re no belief systems – only methods to enhance your perception because only what you perceive is real, rest is all made up in your head. You are living in a psychological reality, not in an existential reality.

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So what is the mission? The other part of the question is what is the mission? Do you want to bring peace to the world? I just want to live in better company (Laughter), because (Laughs) you know the Forbes… The Forbes India magazine was interviewing me, the editor, and he said, ‘Sadhguru, there is a dilemma for us. We want to publish the names of hundred richest men in India but the Indian business and a few others feel it is not right. It's all right do it for the world but not in India because in India there’re so many people who are way wealthier than you but they never pay taxes and you don't know how wealthy they are. So there… it will never be correct what you publish. That is one thing, another thing is we think it's not aesthetic to put our names and say these are the hundred richest men in the country.’ So he asked, ‘Sadhguru, what do you think? Should we make this list or no?’ I said, ‘If you make this list, I must be the number one because (Laughs) in my experience I am the richest person on the planet. Maybe I don’t have a bank balance but I own the whole cosmos within myself in my experience. I have the richest experience of life and this is important. Some numbers you have in the bank, what is the point? It is only to a point of convenience - money and things and properties are only to a point of convenience, beyond that it's a bloody nuisance, isn't it? Yes or no?

So what is the mission? The mission is just this, that when you walk on the world, when you walk around the street, when you live in this world, you would like to… See, you go… see, all your friends are doctors. Why? Because you have a certain understanding of what it is; you like to mix with them, you don’t like to go and be friends with lawyers because their talk is different; you like to create your own kind, isn't it, around you? It’s just the same with me. I am so blissed out; I want to create my own kind as many as possible. (Applause)