T oday marks the Spring Equinox. When spring happens, all life flourishes because even an insect understands, “This is the time for me.” Even a little worm understands, “This is the time for me to make my life.” The upcoming years will be a big springtime for spiritual seekers; make sure it happens to you.

Walk and sit in such a way that even the very grass that you are sitting upon will bless you because you are sitting there, not curse you because you are sitting upon it. There is a certain way to do it. “How Sadhguru? Tell me, how will the grass bless me? Should I eat it?” Understand that between you and the grass, between you and the insect in the grass, there is not much difference in the cosmic scale. You are less than a blade of grass. What a blade of grass is for you, in the cosmic scale, you are less than that.

If you understand this every moment of your life, if you keep this in your memory, you will walk gently, you will breathe gently, you will exist gently. Gentleness is not something that you practice because somebody tells you, “Love everybody.” If you understand the size and shape of who you are in this creation, it will be just like that.

Let all that you touch be a blessing.

Love & Grace

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