Dear Sadhguru. I have a doubt since I did my Inner Engineering. I have seen people who have done Inner Engineering, people who have done BSP, Samyama, Samyama Sadhana  and people who are Brahmacharis. But how to become like you? And if possible, how to surpass you?

Read in Telugu: సద్గురూ, మీ కంటే మెరుగ్గా ఉండడం ఎలా……?

So, now you have seen and discarded many people – those Inner Engineering people, Bhava Spandana, Samyama, Brahmacharis – all discarded! I want you to go to the next Inner Engineering and volunteer, okay? How people are on the last day – first be like that for one whole month. Then go to Bhava Spandana. How people are at the closing of Bhava Spandana – be like that for one more month. Then try Samyama. By then, you will know what I am talking about, what transformation means. Transformation is not an ambition or even an aspiration. It is an evolution. If you do the right things, you will evolve. It is not because you aspire or have an ambition that you become something; you need to allow this being to grow. If this grows, it will evolve into a certain possibility. If you are aspiring for transformation, whatever is the highest peak you have hit, you must stay there.

If you are aspiring for transformation, whatever is the highest peak you have hit, you must stay there. Keep the necessary atmosphere within you so that you can live like that. Otherwise, you would have just gone to one fanciful program, done some crazy things, and then gone home and continued the same old rubbish – that is no good. If the highest peak you have known is the level you hit with your Bhava Spandana, see how to stay there for one whole month. And then aspire for the next one. If you go up and fall down and then aspire for the same thing, it means nothing. One step forward, one step backward – this person has no intention of going anywhere.

The fundamental principles of how to stay at that peak is what the program is about. Just bring it into your life, and then aspiring for the next thing and the next thing will become a reality. Otherwise, it is an empty dream. If you want to show serious intent that you really want to go somewhere, this is what you can do, step by step. For someone who is at zero, going on talking about a million is not going to work; you have to climb.

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