I n the last eight days, have been to six cities and events galore.  Starting with the Hyderabad Mystic Eye programme and 'In Conversation' series with three very successful businesswomen.  On to Bengaluru, where the first step of acquiring land for the Isha Leadership Academy was initiated. Damn me if you wish, inadvertently the land is located in Chikkaballapur, my mother's native place, a place with much nostalgic memories from childhood.  Close to Nandi Hills, full of too many fond memories of early childhood and youth. This is also the place where I first tried to fly -- or did fly. I did stay airborne for a little over 20 seconds upon a contraption that we built, something like a hang glider that was inspired by a design from Popular Mechanics, but with locally available material. I took off from a hill slope that rendered my ankles cracked, but left me delirious with the elation of having achieved flight. And of course excruciating pain which was not of much consequence. Now we are going right back to lands tamed by my ancestors who came from Vijayanagar to this region.

Bengaluru evening went ‘In Conversation' with technocrat turned politician Sri Nandan Nilekani; Nandan being the most successful first generation entrepreneur of India, Founding Partner and CEO of Infosys. It is great hope for the nation that the likes of Nandan are in the fray in this election. But alas, he is in a party that will not succeed this time around.

Mumbai for three days, too many events to recount, among which 'In Conversation' with Prasoon Joshi.  The subject being 'Death & Beyond' turned out more than interesting to a large audience. Looks like we have to have a couple of more evenings on the same subject to do justice.

Here in Europe for a series of meetings that are of crucial importance to the future of the Foundation. Lufthansa pilots on strike. Some circus being done to change flights as over 1300 have been cancelled over these two days. Looking forward to getting to New York. Some sleep and rest on the flight is guaranteed after this dizzying week. Isha USA is waiting....


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Guttural gumption
of the German tribe
Epitome of discipline,
the very mechanics of skill
Even the wily English
took a deutsche queen

But the German dream
lies waste consequent
to one man's wanton
acts of unparalleled tyranny

May the world not breed
another one of his kind
Never, Ever, Never.

Love & Grace