Poem: .......before he creeps upon you.

In his latest poem, Sadhguru writes about living at full-pitch and experiencing the intensity of not only life, but of death. “To know the coolness of the/ Mist before it touches the Leaf or a/ Blade of grass. To be able to catch a/ Snowflake in its journey of descent... To know the stillness of Death/ before He creeps upon You.” Enjoy!
before he creeps upon you.

Deepest crevices of the body
Where the life-making magic
is rooted and effulgent.
In the very same crevices
is the dark depth pregnant
with inertia of Death.

To be upon the highest pitch
One needs to constantly enliven.
To be ahead of the Sun in coming
Awake. To be alive enough to
Welcome the Moon and the Starz.
To imbibe the fragrance of the
Flower ahead of the bees and the
Birds. To know the coolness of the
Mist before it touches the Leaf or a
Blade of grass. To be able to catch a
Snowflake in its journey of descent.

To know the stillness of Death
before He creeps upon You.

Love & Grace

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5 years ago

Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya

5 years ago

Namaskaram Sadhguru, we will try to be alive enough before the stillness of death creeps upon us. For that we seek your grace.

5 years ago

What I understood from Sadhguru's Tamil book "Aththanaikkum Asaipadu" is below in my own words...
"Destination is not the only thing that's beautiful. The process of reaching it, the journey too is beautiful by itself."
As I read this poem, I hear Him from within... "To know Death as lively as it is, know Life in full force."

4 years 11 months ago

Pranam Sadguru.We(myself,wife and our 28 year old son Vikrant ) visited Aashram,Coimbatore on Nov.15,2014 and attended satsang for 3 hours .Since it was in Tamil so we could not understand much but were able to energise ourseleves. You might have seen Vikrant was sitting on a broken wheel chair availble in cottage area.Further he could not visit Surya Kund,Linga Bhairvi temple and Dhyna LInga simply because stairs are not fit for specially abled persons.Since old and 3% of such population need more this place than other so kindly recommend necessary chages.